Thursday, January 8, 2009

A January Christmas Tour

Am I the only one who still has my (gulp, cheeks turning red) Christmas tree in the living room?

I have to come clean. Each January, I go a little further on trying to sneak in extra days of leaving the festivities up. I think my husband is paranoid that a few more years down the road, we might still be celebrating Christmas when July rolls around.

At this rate, he might have valid reason for concern.

There is something so warm and cozy about a home decorated for the holidays. Everything seems more alive and full of love. And with the cold bleakness of the January weather, who can blame a girl for holding tightly to the wonderment of December?

Well, besides her husband, who is ready to get all the Christmas boxes out of his garage and back into the attic. This weekend, hubby, I promise.

Somehow in my "blogging sabbatical", I missed out on Boo Mama's Christmas Tour of Homes this year. Regardless that I am way late to join the party, I'm still going through the links on her site to visit people's homes, while pretending they are all still decorated, as well.

And then it hit me.

No sense in hanging my head in shame. Since I've already admitted my decorations are still up, why not help keep the wonderment of December alive by giving you a January tour? So, grab a cup of hot chocolate and come on inside.....

Front door
Entry way
Living room ("The Fancy Tree")
Kitchen table close-up

Playroom ("The Sentimental Tree")
Park's Room (The Jesse Tree)
The Back Patio (in search of festive table decor for next year!)
The Little Man who is as sad as his mommy is to see the decorations come down.

Thanks for stopping by and here's to hoping the TRUE reason for Christmas stays our top priority all year long!

And that my decorations find their way back to the attic before next December.

Relax, Chris.... just a joke. (Well, kind of:)


Christy said...

I love your decorations!! I just took mine down-my husband was feelign like yours LOL

Heather said...

I like your Jesse Tree ornaments! In some cultures, Christmas is celebrated from December 25-January 6, so I don't think you have your decorations up too late. Just tell hubby you're teaching Parker how other cultures celebrate Christmas. :)

Deidre said...

I love the decorations - especially all the blue.

I LOVE decorating for Christmas, but after can't wait to get them down on the 26th and get my house back to normal.

Ingram Gang said...

It made me laugh that you still have your decorations up. I love it.
Ours come down as quickly after Christmas as possible. Our tree is so fat that it takes up a large amount of space. More than anything, I just want the space back that my tree has been hogging.

It is no surprise to me that everything looks wonderful. Great job decorating.

Heather said...

I am so with you! We took ours down last weekend, and I could have left that tree in my living room for another month, at least! I just love it so much! Connor was sad, too. He went to play at Grandma's for the day while we worked to ease the trauma/transition.
I WILL say that since they are gone, I feel like my house is a little neater....

Kelli said...

LOVE all your decorations! The blues and teals are gorgeous! And do you want to know a secret - as I am typing this, I am looking at my tree and stockings still! :) They are coming down this weekend!

Emilie @ The McDowells said...

I'm with you! However, I like to put mine up really early and by January I'm sort of ready to get everything clean! But you know since marriage...I haven't gotten to put it up as early, since my sweet husband wants it after Thanksgiving! I do have to admit that my bare naked tree is still in the living room though, because we can't find time to carry it down the stairs. :-)

Stephanie said...

Mine are still up too! I did take the wreaths off the windows outside, as I was officially the only person on the block with decorations still up.

Congratulations by the way!!!! Yay!!!

Anonymous said...


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