Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Captured Memories: The Shoot Out

Well, hello Mr. Blog. It is nice to meet up with you again. It's been quite a while....

One of the things I love about blogging is it is one of those things in life I feel little pressure about, which is probably pretty obvious based on the sporadicness (yes, spell check, I made this one up) of my postings.

Having a blog is so incredible because I am able to do something I love (write), while capturing memories made with the ones I love. Sometimes I get on a roll and record those sweet memories as they happen, and other times I simply enjoy making them, taking snapshots in my mind that can be relayed at a later date.

Either way, this little piece of cyber space is always waiting, ready and willing to oblige me whenever the time comes. And sooner or later, I find myself back here, welcomed as if I were never gone.

No harm no foul, minus a few holes in the archives.

All that to say, thank you for persevering with me as I relay some of those captured memories from the last few weeks over the next few posts.

I'm not sure how it happened, but Park seems to have discovered guns overnight. Although we have no actual toy artillery in our household, EVERYTHING has turned into a weapon of mass destruction.

Fingers, sticks, crayons, bats, and anything else you can think of are cocked and ready to be fired at any given moment of play. And let me not fail to mention the sound effects he has so eloquently mastered.

"POW POW...BOOM...BAM BAM!!!!, " he screams, while taking aim at various items in the living room.

I'm not going to lie, it is obnoxious.

So, as of recent, I've tried some various parenting techniques, such as setting some rules of engagement

Rule #1 We don't shoot living things.

Park's reply: "But Mommy, Uncle Rob shoots deer and elk and hogs. Aren't they alive before he shoots them dead."

Thanks to my hunting loving brother-in law, Rule # 1 had to be modified a bit. Although when I scolded him for this told him this, Uncle Rob was quick to remind me that he shoots with a bow and arrow and not a gun.

Clearly, that made me feel much better, as you can imagine.

Modified Rule #1: We don't shoot people.

Park's reply: "But Mommy, I just shoot bad guys."

I took a deep breath and decided to use this as a teachable moment. Feeling this was a good opportunity to impart some spiritual truth, I discussed with my son that bad guys are really just people who need Jesus.

I explained that God created the world, giving every single person a chance to decide if they will accept or reject Jesus. I ended the impromptu lesson with, "We don't want to shoot them because then they would not have an opportunity to meet Jesus and accept Him into their hearts."

Park looked very impressed for a brief moment just before his little face fell in defeat as he said, "I guess I can only shoot wild animals now."

I smiled, trying not to declare victory until he was well out of the room.

About 2 minutes later, I caught him shooting "bad guys" again. In case you are wondering how I knew this, his celebratory yells of "Yes! I shot him. I shot the bad guy!" clued me in.

He is a sneaky one, I tell you.

I gave him one of my best "didn't I just tell you we don't shoot bad guys?" looks, as I sternly said the obligatory "Park Ryland!"

Beaming proudly, Park replied, "Don't worry Mommy, I asked this bad guy if he wanted to accept Jesus and he said no. So, I shot him."

Oh dear. Not exactly what I had in mind with my little salvation lesson.

Re-Modified Rule #1 We only shoot pretend paintball guns. We are not actually harming anything we shoot, because paint does not hurt.

Especially animals and bad guys.

As for that victorious smile I was wearing? Well, let's just say it is covered in paint.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Thankfuls

Things I am thankful for today:

-The few special days Park and I got to go spend with my sis and nephews this week

-That Park and I don't share a bed on a regular basis (Although it is pretty precious to get to cuddle up with him for a few nights while out of town) 

-The beautiful warm weather

- That, unlike my disciplined hubby, I am not waking up at 5:00 AM (ouch!) to exercise in the morning 

- The fact that I am a day away from entering my second trimester of pregnancy

- The 2 hour episode of 24 that is waiting for Chris and I to curl up on the couch and watch

-The extra sleep I'll get while Chris takes Park on a fun "boys only"outing Friday morning

- The kiss that Park just gave me while I'm typing this post

What are you thankful for today?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Suckers and Doppler Drama

Park and Chris came with me to my Dr.'s appointment last week so we could all share in hearing the baby's heart beat for the first time.

Dr. White placed the Doppler on my stomach, after securing his place in Park's heart forever by presenting him with his first lolly pop. While Park chomped away, we anxiously awaited that beautiful sound to fill the room.

And waited, waited, waited, and waited some more.

Finally, he called for the nurse to bring in a different Doppler, all the while assuring me there was nothing to worry about. One of the reasons I chose him as my doctor is his amazing bedside manner. 

I don't care how qualified you are, if you can't treat me like my opinion counts or care about me as a human being, I'm so out of there. Unlike some others I have visited briefly in the past, it is such a blessing that Dr. White is competent, compassionate, and supportive. (Let me show some love here to Sarah and Bridget for insisting that I meet him!)

I was fairly calm even after the second Doppler did not locate the heartbeat. We were moved into a different room to skip on to an ultrasound. But, my calmness turned into pleading prayers when the tech could not find anything after putting the gel on my stomach. I searched Chris' eyes to see if his heart held the fear that mine did, but thankfully I found nothing but calm reassurance.

Well, in all honesty, in that moment it irritated me a bit that he was so peaceful in the middle of such stress. But, as usual, my irritation came more from conviction than anything else. God has given us this little life and instead of panicking, I should have simply rested in His sovereignty and ability to take care of us no matter what. 

Being married to a a man that lives out his faith 24/7 often gives me the opportunity to see which areas I need to grow in. Sigh.

Without hesitation Dr. White stepped out for a moment so the tech could quickly skip to the next type of ultrasound (read between the lines here), and before he could even re-enter the room we were all praising the Lord for the beating heart and fluttering arms on the screen.

I have never been so thrilled and thankful to see someone waving to me in all my life. Park immediately squealed, "It's my brother and he is waving at me!"

(Note to self: Go back over the conversation with Park about how thankful we will be with WHATEVER God gives us, a brother or sister.)

About that time the baby began to suck its' thumb and we all watched in amazement. They explained the reason we had such a hard time hearing the baby's heartbeat is because my uterus is tucked behind my bladder.

Perhaps this accounts for why I visit the restroom 105 times per day?

After reassuring us how healthy and how well this baby is developing, the tech and Dr. White turned off the screen and left the room. Chris, Park, and I celebrated  a bit and then got our things together and headed to the front desk to schedule the next appointment.

About that time, Park said, "I can't wait to come back and get another lolly pop from Dr. White next time! (Decided not to break it to him just then that he won't be joining me for every appt...) Hey, and what was that pink Dr.'s name, Mommy?"

Confused, I answered, "Dr. White?"

"No," he said impatiently, "Not the white doctor, the pink one!"

It took me a minute, but I finally realized that the ultrasound tech was wearing pink. Chris and I got a good laugh out of that one. 

Thank you Dr. White and "Dr. Pink" for your calm spirits, peaceful reassurance, and compassion during a stressful visit.

And of course for the lolly pop, too.