Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Presli!

Baby girl,

Oh my sweet Presli, how did you already get to be one? This is your very first birthday love letter from Mommy. It seems like yesterday that I was praying, hoping, and believing God to bring your little life into existence. Wow, were you worth the wait! You have brought unspeakable joy into our family this past year. Our hearts are overflowing with love for you.
From your gentle movements in the womb, to your very speedy birth (I was holding you in my arms just 30 minutes after arriving at the hospital!) and contentment as a newborn, everything about your first several months was pleasant as could be. You rarely cried, slept amazingly well, and enjoyed all the attention we lavished on you. Park was taken with you from the first time he saw you and spent most of his days by your side encouraging you to give him your first smiles and laughs. And indeed you obliged!
Some of the things I remember most about those first months was how you loved to be swaddled, adored your car seat, pacifier, baths, and anything to do with watching Park. You spent many naps in your moses basket right in the middle of all the action. You chose an early bedtime right from the start and often slept in until 9. Usually I would wake you to eat right before I went to the bed and then you'd only wake to feed once before morning. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed looking over at you in the night and imagining all the plans God has for your precious life.
Months 3-6 were a little bit more challenging, mostly based on the fact that you seemed to get every little cold or illness going around. Even sick, your sweet demeanor shined through. When you were 5 months you got the Flu, RSV, and Pneumonia all right on top of each other. My heart broke to see you go through all that, but as little as you were, it became very evident that indeed dynamite comes in small packages. Sister, you are one tough cookie!

Your first tooth popped through at 4 months and by 7 months you were crawling at lightning speed and pulling up on anything you could find. You did the traditional crawl, but often went so fast you wouldn't put one of your knees down or even bear crawled long distances. We liked to call you Miss Pop Up because you would pull up on walls, tables,, the dishwasher, a box of diapers, and even other babies. You preferred standing to sitting, even in the bath tub. Before you could stand on your own, you would simply let go and lunge in the direction of where you wanted to go. Your falls and tough spills also earned you the name "Baby Boom Boom." You are one crazy, fearless, little girl!

Month 7 to 11 were all about busyness. You love to wonder around and explore, but I'm shocked that we have not had a huge need to child proof lock anything. You like to pull out toys and clothes, but pretty much stay away from breakables. Other than standing in your highchair, you are quick to listen to a firm "No" and often react broken hearted if you feel we are upset with you. You adore people and would rather sing songs together are be interacted with than be off on your own. You are quick to smile, easy to make laugh and overall joyous to be with. I love that you are quick to come sit in my lap and constantly giving us hugs and kisses when we are not expecting it. However, when you are ready for a nap, you mean serious business. We often laugh that you can be playing contently and then within seconds of yawning, you immediately holler for your blanky, pacifier and crib.

Month 11 you took off walking and lets just say you might have a serious power walking career in your future. Apparently, you have places to go and people to see and no time to mess around. You often walk around, carrying items that are almost as large as you are. It is not a rare sight to see you wondering the house with 3 loveys and a large baby doll in hand. You ADORE baby dolls, and are especially fond of your lovey that is a doll with a blankey attached. If you can't find her, you will search high and low while calling out, "BAAAAABY!!!" until you stumble upon her. You are often quiet, babbling softly or making sweet cooing noises like "OOh OOh!!" as you point to new things. As quiet as you can be though, you actually say several words very well, such as "Momma, Dada, Bubba, Pop, Baby, Ball, Uh-Oh, Up, Hi, Night Night, Bye Bye, Tane Too (Thank You), and you adore blowing kisses and waving to anyone. You've also mastered climbing the slide from the bottom and sliding back down on your tummy (feet first). Looks like we have another climber in the family!

We thank the Lord for you, Baby Girl. You are a gift to our family and we do not take you for granted. I see so many incredible qualities in you and pray every day that God would use me to mold and shape you into all He desires you to be. I know there are big plans for your life and we count it as an honor that He entrusted us to raise you. You are a constant reminder to me of His faithfulness and hand on our lives. Someday, you will hold your own babies in your arms and only then will you comprehend the depth of my love for you! Happy First Birthday, my Presli Pie! You get sweeter each and every day.