Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday, Park!

Bubby boo,

I can hardly believe the grown up little boy in front of me is really you. You have matured so much since your fourth birthday. Last year at this time you were counting down the days until your baby brother entered the world. It just so happened when that moment finally arrived, she was actually your sweet baby SISTER instead! Oh, what a difference a year makes! Last week you told me, "Remember when I used to want Presli to be a boy? I was so silly, Mommy! I'm so glad God gave us a girl because I can't imagine life without my baby sister."
And my heart melted for the millionth time this year from the front row seat I've had at watching the love that has developed between you two. To say she adores you would be the understatement of the year. She basks in your attention and waits for you to tote her all over the house. She giggles the loudest when you feed her and squeals in delight when you play ride-a-little- horsey. I've long sense gotten over how rough you are with her because as you always point out, "But Mommy, look how much she likes it." How can I argue with that huge grin on both your faces? You are her biggest fan and she is your personal cheerleader. The only time you have shown any jealousy of her is if Daddy gives her too much attention when you are trying to wrestle with him. For the most part, you want her included in everything!

You also completed your first year of preschool and it was so much more than either of us could have imagined. I was hesitant to share you with someone for 2 days a week, but I soon learned how you flourished at the opportunity to meet new friends and have new experiences. You adored your teachers and eagerly anticipated what theme each week would hold. The time was also valuable for me to adjust to life with a new baby and balance giving each of you everything you deserve. Daddy and I take the responsibility of molding and shaping you very seriously and could not have been more pleased with the results of how this preschool opportunity has helped further grow you into the person we pray you become.

As for your personal interests this year, anything that requires hitting, kicking, or catching a ball is still high priority on your list. You played on your first organized team this summer and having Daddy as your soccer coach has been icing on your cake. (Because let's be real, he still ranks #1 on your list of interests!) You are also slowly discovering the world of video games on Daddy's phone and the two of you love to see what new level you can reach together. You also love to work in the yard together, build or fix any and everything, race, wrestle, tell jokes, count coins, go to Cabellas, fish, read your Bible, or listen to his famous Boy and Mr. Squirrel stories. You've also gained a huge interest in Star Wars and super heroes and love acting out anything related to this with your friends. You adore having friends and cousins over to play and I'm amazed at how caring of a friend you are becoming. (Oh, what a long way you've come in this area!:)

As active as you are, books are still your passion and you've even developed a love of books on CD. In fact, you love them so much I've even had to limit your listening time to an hour a day. You've become quite the little reader and often finish an entire book without me having to help out with a single word. So far, you really like the Biscuit series of books that your Phyl Phyl introduced you to, but you also love to go to the library and pick out all kind of new reader books. You are famous for making the deal, "I'll read you a book if you'll read me one, too." And since you got your love of books from me, that is one deal I can never resist. You are so excited to read to Presli, but told me it bothers you that "she likes to eat books more than she likes to read them." Let's keep working on her, buddy.

Speaking of new skills, you have also mastered riding a bike without training wheels this year. And can I just say that you are so proud of yourself? But, nothing makes you as proud as the fact that you lost your first tooth in June.

But do you know what Daddy and I are proud of? We are proud of the generous spirit God is developing in you. We are proud to see what a servant you are becoming. We are proud to see glimpses of how our correction and discipline of you is paying off. We are proud to see your tenderness towards Presli and willingness to apologize if you've hurt her feelings. We are proud to see your obedience in doing what is asked of you. You have such an independent spirit, determination to excel, love for learning, excitement for experiencing new things, and overall joy for life.

We adore you precious boy! Thank you for filling our world with color and bringing us unspeakable joy. You are uniquely you and we are so thankful that God's creative fingerprints are all over you.

Happy birthday, my love!