Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All Wrapped Up

So, I haven't posted a What Works For Me Wed. post in a really long time because frankly this pregnant brain forgets any creative ideas that cross it's path long before they ever make it to fruition. And I would do some memory exercises or something if I wasn't already so busy focusing on not being ridiculously clumsy.

Yesterday, I was hanging a shirt on a rack and the next minute I found myself on the floor, surrounded by that entire rack of clothing. Not only did my pride take a beating, but I ended up with a huge knot on my leg for a parting prize.

Or there was the moment at McDonald's that I was filling up a cup of water when it mysteriously jumped out of my hand. Seeing my embarrassment, as the kind worker bent to the floor to clean up the mess, he sweetly assured me, "It is no big deal, Miss."

However, I don't think he still felt that way when the next cup I was refilling slipped from my hand a SECOND time and drenched his entire head. Not even my fuzzy brain can forget the horror I felt in that moment.

But somehow in all the clumsiness I managed to stumble across a helpful idea. I've always heard that necessity is the mother of all invention and this one definitely came out of desperation.

It was eleven o'clock on Sunday night when I realized that although I had miraculously remembered to buy a gift for the birthday party we were attending the next day, I had failed to buy anything to wrap it in. Even my trusty gift bag storage box was devoid of packaging that could help me out last minute.

So, in an effort to avoid getting up early to go to the store, I came across a large sheet of white butcher paper in the art closet that Park had painted a few weeks back. I had intended to throw it out, but thankfully hadn't gotten around to it.

I cut it like wrapping paper and was amazed that it ended up being cuter than anything I could have purchased. So, from now on, our birthday gifts will be sporting a personalized touch.

(Assuming that I actually remember to use this trick next time around.)

Maybe we should wrap up a gift for that poor McDonald's worker....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How Can I Possibly Give This Randomness a Title?

Since I haven't made much time for blogging lately, I'm feeling overwhelmed by all the stories I want to record. I think I'll just start out by writing random snippets and hopefully end up with some form of a post.

I am halfway through this pregnancy already. How exactly did that happen? This sweet baby is moving all around. Park wants to feel it so badly, but every time he puts his hand to my belly the kicks suddenly stop. When this happens he always says, "Oh, man! God sure gave us a tricky little one!"

Yesterday, he told me,"I really want a brother, but I'll be thankful for whatever God gives us." It's only taken about 20 weeks of work to get him to this point, but just as I was relishing we had finally arrived, he added, "If it is a sister I'll protect her, and if someone is mean to my brother I'll punch 'em in the nose!"

And if you've ever seen his moves, you understand my concern.

I'm not sure if that horrified me more or the fact that Chris answered with, "You got it, buddy!"

On another note, what is up with maternity jeans? I'm still wearing my regular jeans held together with a rubber band because I have yet to find a pair that I could go out in public in. Am I the only one with issues?

And speaking of maternity clothing issues, I pulled out my clothes I wore when pregnant with Park. Can four years really make that much of a difference in style? If I looked as wrong in them then as I do now, someone should have just put me out of my misery. At the rate things are going, What Not To Wear may contact me before this pregnancy is over.

Can I just tell you that despite all my wardrobe malfunctions, not a day goes by that I don't soak up how thankful I am to be pregnant! Based on the time it took to get here, I am painfully aware of how many women are aching to have the opportunity to look dorky in maternity jeans. And I pray that when they are on the other side of their infertility, they will not take for granted what others are so desperately longing for.

I am one of those rare people that LOVE being pregnant. Even with Park, I just enjoyed it right up until the last day. Of course, it helps that I don't really get morning sickness and that my hubby thinks pregnancy is beyond hot. I could do without the whole labor thing, but the actual growing of the baby inside me is something I did not expect to enjoy so much.

And speaking of enjoyment, I can't help but think God must have laughed at Park's prayer tonight. It went like this:

Jesus, thank you for the beautiful sky you gave us tonight. And for cars, and horses, and my socks. Even though they stink. Will you smell my feet and give me something good to eat? I'm hungry, but Mommy said I already had my bedtime snack. Oh and thank you for my Daddy's stinky booty. Please help our baby to be stinky, too, because boys are stinky and I want a boy baby. Amen

What am I going to do with that child?

Friday, April 10, 2009

The "Eggs"travaganza

Last Wednesday was a day that Park had been looking forward to for weeks.

He was so excited that morning that he greeted Chris and me at our bedside at 6:45 AM, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. The first words out of his mouth were, "I'm so happy Jesus died on the cross for us so we could have this Easter party! He must love us so much!!"

Not exactly what we envisioned him retaining when teaching about the crucifixion, but at least he held on to how much we are loved.

The party was a whirlwind of wild little boys and two little girls who could hold their own among them. We had such a good time sharing the excitement of Easter with some of our closest friends and it might just become a yearly tradition around here.

Enjoy the party pics and I hope you and your families have an amazing Easter. If you live in the Fort Worth area and are looking for a place to celebrate, we would love to welcome you at our church.

Fellowship Fort Worth service times:
Sat 6PM
Sunday 9AM, 10:30AM or 11:59AM

Bunny puppets, cupcakes and Easter grass and we were all set to party! The craft station set up for bunny ear construction
Three of the crazy "bunnies"; Grayson, Park, and Beaux
The egg painting festivities.
Caiden was our resident safety patrol, notifying me that, "Park is eating the eggs and they have TOXIC CHEMICALS all over them!!!!! (AKA Crayola paint:)
Bridget and Sarah pretending not to notice our children painting more of themselves than the eggs.
Grayson and Eli on the prowl for more eggs.

Addison staking her claim during the egg hunt.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Let Me Introduce You..... my newest NEPHEW!!!!

And I have to tell you we are all pretty in love with him already.

Challi is doing great after another natural birth. In fact, things have gone so well that I wish she could just birth my baby for me come September. If only it worked that way, right?

Kord Briston K______ was born April 2nd at 3:49AM weighing 7 lbs. He is the tiniest one we have ever had! Lolli and Pops are now the proud grandparents of 4 grandsons and the brothers (including Park:) could not have been more excited that the "All Boys Club" is still in tact.

Chris put it best when he said, "One more and we'll have a basketball team!"

Thank you, Jesus for another healthy baby and for all You have planned for Kord's precious life.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bunny Business

Never mind that it is only the first day in April, Easter celebrations are hopping around here. Considering our Christmas tree was up by Halloween, we are all about getting the party started. (And since it technically didn't come down until mid January, apparently we are also about being the last guests to leave.)

Here's to egg hunting through mid-May.

Park is beyond excited to go take his picture with some real bunnies next week, but he has been sure to clarify about 100 times that they are real and NOT the "fake mall Easter bunny in the scary costume." We will also be hosting a little Easter party for Bridget and Sarah's kids next week and Park double checked that the "mall bunny" would not be making a guest appearance. Clearly, he is not a fan.

However, we had some people in bunny costumes at our church last weekend greeting at the front doors. Apparently, church Easter Bunnies are not as scary judging from the multiple high fives and waves Park gave them. But when someone tried to make it into a photo op, he bolted faster than Peter leaving Mr. Mcgregor's garden.

I still call it progress from last year, though. Baby hops, folks, baby hops.

Last week, at the Fort Worth Campus alone our church stuffed and distributed 50,000 Easter eggs with candy and fliers inviting people to our services. As a church, we also spent a weekend serving the community and reaching out to our neighbors. Too many times in my life I have TOLD people about Jesus without SHOWING them His love. It was such an awesome thing to be be apart of and I'm so thankful that among all the Easter parties and festivities, Park was able to get a glimpse of the REAL reason for Easter.

In other news, Park was also a big fan of April Fool's today, as well. He must have tricked me about 50 times. His favorite one was telling me that his hair had turned various colors and then screaming, "APRIL FOOLS!!!", while laughing wildly. I have to admit I fell for the one about my cell phone being in the fridge.

Mainly because I've actually put it there before without realizing it.

So, when after being several days "overdue", Challi called me tonight to say her water broke, I waited for the big, "April Fools!"

Turns out, sister doesn't joke around about labor pain. And since we both do natural childbirth, I totally understand why.

Park and I will be heading to East Texas in the early morning to meet my newest niece or nephew. But until then, I'm guaranteed to get no sleep tonight while I pace the floors praying for a safe, healthy delivery. No wonder she about went into cardiac arrest when I was still pushing with Park five hours into it. She said giving birth paled in comparison to knowing I was doing it and she could do nothing but wait for news.

You'd think I'd be more relaxed since she has given me so much practice waiting for baby news. This is her third baby to deliver in three years, after all! With three kids age three and under, I'm thinking I should probably stress less about the delivery and more about her losing her mind upon returning home!

My dad wants us to put it in writing that we are done with having babies. After each of us having trouble conceiving at different points, each of us having unexpected pregnancies at times, combined with the fact it makes him crazy for us to be in any kind of pain, this man does not do well with childbirth or the likes. All my life my dad loved having girls, but when I talked to him a few minutes ago he said, "And why exactly did I not pray for sons?"

You would have thought that the two weddings in one year thing would have driven him to this conclusion much sooner, but clearly Pops is a strong man.

I have to admit it did cross my mind to call back and tell him I'm in labor, too, and then after a long pause follow it up with, "April Fool's!", but I'm just not that cruel.