Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rough and Tumble Sensitivity

Yes, I am alive.

Still comatose, but joyfully alive.

Lately, with my new "sleeping schedule", I've had a hard time balancing blogging with clean laundry and food for my family. So, I decided they could go hungry for one night in order for me to give y'all a brief update.

Priorities, right?

Well, sandwiches for dinner doesn't really count as starving does it? To be completely honest, I think Park and Chris are secretly relieved that I've been too tired to cook lately. After all, faking edibility probably gets challenging night after night.

However, Chris did not disappoint with his special Valentine's "I Love you" pancakes and Park requested to spend time individually with each of us, making creative presents to surprise the other with.

I ended up with a bouquet of paper flowers and Chris got a love puppet, constructed out of a paper bag, a million cut-out hearts, and a little boy's creativity. Neither of us could have been more thrilled with our gifts. I was especially pleased with the sensitivity our usually "rough and tumble" son showed with such a sweet gesture.

Never mind the fact that in the end, Park used Chris' puppet to eat my paper flowers.

Rough and tumble sensitivity is better than nothing, I tell you.

Park was so impressed with Valentine's this year that he has decided everyday should be "a day of love, Mommy!"

And although I think this idea was inspired because he adored his Spider man placement and mini etch-o-sketch so much, the concept is very valid.

We don't need a special day of the year to show people we love them. We should exude Christ's love to others every single day of our lives.

Now, I wish I could say that I live this out a hundred percent of the time or that I make a habit of putting other people's needs above my own. But the truth is I am selfish. Oftentimes, it takes other people in my life serving me to remind me that I am called to give self sacrificing love to others.

I'm so inspired by all the people I am surrounded with who are actively practicing this type of love. And although my sensitivity may be rough around the edges, I'm thankful that God isn't done with me yet.

Rough and tumble sensitivity is better than nothing, I tell you.


Autumn said...

I've missed you. You'd be so proud of our new sleeping schedule here in the Beck house lol. Waking up before 8 is almost unheard of!

Oh and your cooking isn't that bad. You are so silly.

Love you!

Amy said...

Glad that things are well!

Holly said...

That's so cute about your son's Valentine's presents for you. If I were you I'd keep the flowers and the puppet forever!