Friday, May 15, 2009

"The Yucky, Scary Part"

So, last post I told you how great my birthday was, but now I owe you the rest of the story.

That morning, we were meeting my friend Kelly and her two kiddos at the park for the boys to ride bikes while we got some fresh air and exercise. Before we started out, we took everyone for a mandatory bathroom break. Without being too graphic, I was alarmed when I noticed a little blood when taking my turn.

When discussing this with Kelly, who could not be more calm and compassionate, she said, "I'm sure it is nothing, but I know you would feel better if you just call your doctor and check in."

Unfortunately, in my rush to get out the door that morning, I had left my cell phone on the kitchen counter. And about the time I realized that, I also realized that I could not recall the baby kicking or moving all morning.

So, Kelly, in her cool in a crisis way, put together an action plan. We put everyone back in the car and headed to Sonic for an apple juice slush to see if the juice could get the baby moving. We headed back to her house for me to quietly rest on her couch until the baby moved. While I did this, she sent the kids off to play and searched the Internet for the number to my doctor.

I made the call and while on hold for the nurse, I felt the baby start kicking. It instantly calmed my spirit and I thanked God for His grace in giving me that reassurance. I was tempted to hang up since I really hated to sound like an overreacting mother, but decided since I had already crossed that threshold why not embrace it?

The nurse was precious and assuring, but asked me to go ahead and come to the office for a urine sample and exam. Sweet Kelly kept Park for me and I made my way to the office.

After some preliminary questions and urine sample, we listened to the baby via Doppler and heard a strong, normal heart rate. But just before the exam ended the nurse practitioner casually said, "You haven't had any contractions, right?"

After I told her that I had started having Braxton Hicks about 3 weeks earlier, she decided to check for any dilation. (Again-sorry for the explicit details...) After that exam, she had some concerns that I might already be effacing, as well as that she thought I was measuring small and sent me on for an immediate sonogram.

Thankfully, it looked to be a false alarm, though, because the sonogram showed everything to be exactly on track and perfectly normal. I'm pretty sure the stenographer meant it as a complement when she told me I probably just have a very efficient cervix that happens to be a little sensitive.

Good to know.

So, despite some great birthday gifts later that evening, the best present of the day ended up being the reassurance that my little pumpkin was still safely tucked away in my stomach- continuing to grow and develop into who God is creating him/her to be.

After a 2 hour "put the birthday celebrations on hold" detour, I finally left with no restrictions other than zero exercise until my appointment with my doctor next week.

And seeing how much I love to exercise, that advice could be considered a bit of a present itself.

No, I'm definitely not short on reasons to celebrate.

(By the way, please leave me a comment if you or someone you know had Braxton Hicks contractions starting as early as 19-20 weeks. I'm 23 weeks now and having them quite regularyly... Of course , you can still leave a comment, even if you didn't:)


Michelle said...

I don't remember having them that early, but I do know that anytime I had them the nurse (or doctor) would tell me that I needed to drink more water. Usually after drinking they would stop. It may be basic info that you have already been told, but I figured I's pass it along just in case. Good luck with everything!

Kelli said...

I am so glad that everything was ok. And wow you don't hear that you have an efficient cervix everyday! :)

Liz*** said...

With my 2nd I started having braxton hicks at 18 weeks. Everything turned out normal and she was perfectly healthy. I was just uncomfortable for the last part of my pregnancy.

Glad everything was okay and happy birthday!

Lesley said...

Yes, with my third child, I had BH contractions starting about 18 weeks. They would even get regular (every five minutes)and uncomfortable and seem to last over an hour. It never changed my cervix, though. The baby was born full term and healthy. I hope that helps to reassure you! (Oh, they were completely annoying and had me worried a little.)

Kristine said...

I had Braxton-Hicks with both my kids and they started as early as 18 weeks. My first son was born at 27 weeks. My second, 36 weeks but with complete bedrest. I would suggest if you are having more 5 an hour call your doctor. Also, any bleeding you should go in to be checked. You did the right thing. You should also drink a lot of water and try to lay on your side when the contractions increase. Hope this helps.

April Fletcher said...

Hey Brittany...I had Braxton Hicks early as well and even went to the doc about 21 weeks because they were so strong...they said I have an "irritable uterus" and need to make sure I drink plenty of water...which did not really reduce them much...but I too delivered healthy full term...however, as an RN, I suggest you still monitor them...if they are regular, increase know, who cares if you call 20 times to your doctor for be your own advocate for you and the baby...but otherwise, you sound like you are doing well and I am glad everything checked out ok! Will keep you in my prayers

Anonymous said...

I have four children, and had Braxton-Hicks contraction with babies 2-4 very, very early. (I'm almost certain it was before 18 weeks.) I noticed it more when my bladder was full. They were quite uncomfortable, as you well know, but all my kiddos were full-term. I'm so glad all is well with you sweet baby. The bleeding certainly would have sent me running for the phone as well.

Jeff and Lindsey said...

So glad you are okay! That happened to me twice with Lydia and it is so scary!! I can't wait to find out what the sex is...When I was typing that earlier sentence I almost said "so glad you and baby girl are okay"...perhaps I'm having a premonition??

Patrick and Meredith said...

SOOO glad to hear everything is okay! I will continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy for you! Hope all is well!

My Kids Mom said...

Stumbled upon your blog and read your post...I had BH contractions quite early with my second and third children. They started around 16 weeks with my middle son. They threw me for a loop coming that early! My first two are only a year apart and they contributed some of it to that. My third they started around 18 weeks. The more activity your muscles and such get the worse they can be. Drink plenty of fluids...dehydration can make it much worse.

Kara said...

Sounds like you got a lot of good advice and reassurance from your bloggy friends. You don't know me, but I have been rejoicing with you through this pregnancy after having trouble conceiving my second as well. (We are preggo now! Praise the Lord!) I started having BH with my first very early and went to the hospital at 28 weeks with early labor due to dehydration. So, I want to second and third all the folks who are saying "drink more water!" They got it stopped and he was born full term, but I learned my lesson about water! Glad to hear everything is good and you had a happy birthday!