Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brotherly Love

So, if you recall, Park was adamant we were having a boy.

He would not even discuss or entertain the idea that he might have a sister. And truthfully, he was so convincing, I just assumed he would be right. When we asked him how he KNEW it was a brother his answer was simply, "I asked God and he told me so."

After rejoicing over the little girl God gave us, one of my first thoughts at Presli's birth was how in the world would Park take the news. Because I had a hunch there may be some gnashing of teeth involved, I opted to let Chris break the news prior to Park arriving at the hospital to meet his new baby, that was a sister.

Presli was born just before 3 AM and around 7, Chris made the drive home to pick up Park. Knowing that my absence meant his sibling had arrived, he was anxiously awaiting the news.

"Can we go meet Pate, Daddy? I can't believe my baby brother is finally here!"

"Well, we are going to the hospital to meet someone, buddy, but actually it is Presli! You have a new baby sister."

And here is the part where Park's face lit up and he squealed, " Really? I can hardly believe it. Deep down I was actually hoping it was a sister! I already love her so much!!"

OK....So I'm completely lying through my teeth.

Actually, he sobbed like there was no tomorrow. BUT, only for about 5 minutes.

Chris told him it was alright to be sad and that sometimes we want certain things, yet God gives us something different. He assured Park that God knows what we need and we can trust that He is going to give us the very best, even when that is different than what we were hoping for.

Park seemed to believe Chris, but I think what really sold him was realizing he didn't have to share Daddy with anyone else on their special "just the boys" dates. It just didn't seem like the opportune moment to mention that Presli may like to fish, too.

And then Chris showed him some video of Presli getting her first bath and that was all it took.

Upon meeting her, it was love at first sight. From the moment he arrived at her bedside, he fully embraced having a sister.

Now that he has had two weeks with her at home, he is even more smitten. That girl has him wrapped around her little finger. He is crazy for her and if she can live through his love, she will be one tough cookie.

Today he was singing "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands." When she didn't respond, he told her, "Sister, you are a happy girl, so I'll just have to clap your hands for you until you get big enough to know how."

Baby girl, you are one blessed little lady.

That brother of yours may not have known to wish for you, but now he certainly would not trade you for anything.

Looks like you may get that Tiffany's bracelet, after all.


Janelle W. said...

O MY GOSH!! SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL!! I love how sweet he is to her.


AnnG said...

ADORABLE pictures!! Definitely a proud big brother!!

Mandi said...

What a pair...God sure does know what He's doing! It looks like Park is already an excellent big brother.

Heather said...

I love watching my Connor as a big brother-TOO COOL! God is so good!

KirkKrew said...