Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Lurker Changing Her Ways

Thanks to my precious friend (Sarah) luring me into the world of reading blogs, I have met so many amazing women. I have cried with these people, prayed for their children, and even come dangerously close to wetting my pants as I laugh at their stories. This is the stuff that lifelong friendships are made of, folks. Well, aside from one small issue.

Here comes the true confession…. I am (gulp) a LURKER. There, I feel better now that it is out in the open. Although I love these new friends I’ve “met”, they have no idea that I even exist. That can put a major kink in even the best of relationships.

So, in hopes of side-stepping that issue, I am allowing myself to get sucked into to the wonderfully time consuming, yet overwhelmingly gratifying world of blogging. Ladies, you've inspired me to keep record of Park's childhood, so that when my memory is long gone, this blog can remind me why I lost it!

I’ve always stopped short of starting my own blog, partly because what in the world does one write about in their first post? Should I introduce myself and my family, since I feel certain they will be the ones to give me most of my “material”? Should I just bust out with a post about my childhood or how I met my hubby? Should I start with something less serious, like my love/hate relationship with Target?

So, here I sit, typing away, yet saying nothing. Not the best first impression to give, I feel fairly certain.

Since I only have one chance to make a first impression, I think I’ll share something that will make most mothers like me instantly. (Why is it that we seem to take comfort in the pain of others?!) Sit down for this one. After PUSHING for 5 +hours in labor, my precious Park did not sleep 6 hours in a row until he was well over a year old.

Ok- so you like me now, but that is not really what I was going to share. Instead, I was going to post something I wrote to my sister and mom a few months ago about the joys of raising a toddler.

But, thanks to those experienced bloggers I’ve faithfully read for the last year, I have learned the beauty of the teaser! So, in their honor, I’ll wait a day to post it so that I can make sure the one person reading this will return to my site tomorrow.


Christy said...

I just found this blog through Sarah's...and I am a lurker too. Oh, I have a blog and everything-I just never comment on hers because she is hilarious and sweet and that is intimidating!!

Your blog is just as hilarious and I look forward to reading it!!

TaunaLen said...

Hi, just found you through Sarah, and wanted to say you have a really great site going here. I enjoyed reading about your scrambled eggs experience, and the photos were priceless. I was thinking about heading out to Target, but since your warning, I'm having second thoughts. Maybe I'll stick with WalMart.


Mrs. Pear said...


From one lurker to another, welcome to bloggiville!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Came by way of Sarah...I lurked forever too...I'm surprised how long you were able to endure without jumping in. I just couldn't keep my mouth shut long enough to stay a lurker.

Great site...glad you're here!

Kelli said...

IF I were lurking ... you'd never know I was here. But, I've turned over my secret de-lurker ring to say WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME to the party, Brittani!

You're in for a wild, wild ride :)

Stacey said...

Well, it sounds like there are lots of lurkers out there huh? Thanks for helping bring us all out. I am a lurker on Sarah's blog as well. Now, I will be a regular on your's. It is awesome already!

What a great post on the Scrambled Eggs one. That is all so very true!! I have a blog of my own (new as well,) but so far it's not quite as interesting.

Have a great one!!

Scratchin' the Surface said...

Welcome Brittani! So nice to read through your posts, see a glimpse of life through your eyes. I raised Dan, so I've been there, done that! He'll survive, and you'll come out of it with a bit more character than you had going in, whether you want it or not! xoxoxo Bev

Jill B said...

I so totally can relate to the lurking.. I read lots of blog and never comment. I wish I was as wise and witty as the bloggers out there; but I just keep reading them and cheering them on in my head.
Maybe some day I'll have courage like you and come out of the lurking phase...but not yet.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I wish that I knew somebody as famous in blogland as Sarah is, because it took me a year before I got nine comments on a post! :)

I've added you to my bloglines because I figure anybody who's good friends with her has stuff to say that I want to hear.

But no pressure or anything...

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker too. I found you from Sarah's blog. I rarely leave comments but love reading everyone's stuff. It usually encourages me and makes me laugh. We are moving to Okinawa in November and I'm thinking about jumping into the blog world then. Wish me luck!