Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Scrambled Eggs and Other Life Lessons

Today was a day where I realized that Park is rapidly becoming a two year old. With a feisty spirit and a mind of his very own, I was told, “NO!” and “ME do it!” more times than I care to count.

I’m sure the reality is that it is just a stage, all parents have experienced it, and with patience and consistent discipline, this too shall pass. But, hey, can you blame me for losing touch with reality after catching the child painting the living room with his scrambled eggs?

Needless to say, the rug enjoyed its’ scrambled eggs this morning and I learned another valuable parenting lesson.

It poured down rain most of the day today so I was jailed inside with a precious little inmate who said, “ SIDE, MONNY!” (translation: OUTSIDE MOMMY and I want it to happen yesterday) no less than 4,032 times.

In an effort to entertain and keep myself from poking out my own eyes, we baked banana bread, played indoor baseball, swam in the bathtub, and read the entire Dr. Seuss collection. One might think this sounds like enough to entertain a certain dark haired, blue-eyed, 23 month old boy.

One would be wrong.

After all that work, 10 am was still nowhere in sight.

On days like today, I often ponder how I will take this little ball of fire and mold and shape him into a functioning member of society. Ok, let’s be honest. On days like today a functioning member of society feels like too lofty of a goal and I wonder how I will keep him out of a juvenile delinquent center. Yikes, did I actually just share that thought? Don’t panic Mom, I’m kidding. (sort of)

However, as I’m rocking this little groggy angel in my arms tonight before bedtime, I once again remembered how small I am and how limited my vision can be.

God has bigger plans for Park than just being a functioning member of society. He wants to use him to further His kingdom. He wants to send him into this world as a representative of the King of Kings. He wants to share comfort, love, laughter, peace, joy, and wisdom through Park.

And when I allowed myself to sit in the darkness of Park’s room in the presence of the Lord, I was in awe of the gift He has bestowed upon me. In and of myself, it is impossible for me (or Chris) to shape Park into the man of God we desire him to be. Only the One who created him in the first place can live up to such an awesome expectation and it was never His intention for Chris and I to have that job alone.

I am so thankful that I serve a God big enough and creative enough to turn an egg throwing, tantrum screaming, master of disaster little boy, into a man after His own heart. That strong will that the Lord placed in Park is going to serve Him well. The comfort, love, laughter, peace, joy, and wisdom God wants to share with the world through Park is already being shared with me.

Sometimes it just takes being slapped in the head with a scrambled egg to realize it.


Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Welcome welcome welcome! I'm so glad you've joined; it'll be so fun reading your thoughts!! So do you think we can talk B. into it?!

And did you say you made banana bread? I am impressed! :)

Ginger said...

I miss the preciousness of the small child but I do not miss that constant need to be with them. Mine are at the age they can entertain themselves for hours and it is bliss!

FunkyMonkeyJunk said...

I am anticipating my first one in just a few more weeks. Thank you, thank you for this post! I have no doubt I'll have those scrambled egg moments like you mention above, but I hope to keep the same perspective that you are keeping. You've gifted me today. Thank you!


Amy T said...

Great post! I too am getting ready to bite the bullet and start my own blog after visiting for months. Hopefully next week, maybe.

Katie said...

I loved this post - I lurk a lot too - but I'm trying to get better at commenting.
I'm about 3months pregnant with our first baby, and while I'm sometimes overwhelmed with the enormity of the task looming ahead of us - it's so good to be reminded that God is bigger than everything. And He is good, and He knows what He's doing.