Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lil' Gentleman, His Mommy, and Their Suitcases

With Chris meeting with other youth pastors in Houston all week, we decided it would be the perfect chance for Park and me to spend some quality time at Lolli and Pops' house. I chose to withhold this information from Park until the day before the trip because I've learned the anticipation of it all is more than his little 2-year-old heart can bear.

Well, actually it is my 30-year-old heart that can't bear the excitement of the million "I NEED TO GO NOW!" declarations from said 2-year-old, but same difference , right?

We were set to leave Friday morning, so I thought I it was safe to deliver the big news Thursday afternoon. We packed our suitcases together and were sure to include everything known to man. Because we are nothing if not over packers. And that would make perfect sense if Lolli hadn't already overstocked her home with everything we might possibly need from now until the return of our Lord.

After the suitcases (no need to disclose the exact number) were packed, Park informed me that he would be loading them into the car because he was a, "Genneleman, Mommy." That made my heart smile.

Especially after the episode last week at Kohl's when he tried to hold the door for two ladies engrossed in conversation. After they did not notice his attempts, he promptly slammed the door angrily, screaming at them, "But I was tryin' to be a GENNELMAN!!" Clearly, what my little guy lacks on the road to gentlemanhood, he more than makes up for in the passionate determination department.

And judging from the way he slammed our suitcases around, I'd say he is more than well on his way to becoming a "man". It's the "gentle" portion of the word that's still a work in progress.

After allowing him to load a few suitcases, I told him Daddy would put the rest of them (again, no need to disclose the exact number) in the car the next morning. That's when the flood gates opened and I realized exactly how wrong I had been on my previous "safe to disclose the trip one day in advance" decision.

The heartbreaking lip trembling ensued for a bit, with intermittent sobs of "but I waaant my Pops now. My Lolli is waitin' for me and I need to see her noooowww!". I worked at comforting my sweet little man, assuring him that Daddy would drive us there first thing in the morning. After hunkering down in preparation for the long bouts of tears that were sure to be released, I was surprised to catch a glimpse of a smile on his face as I felt his little body jump out of my arms and run to his room.

Perplexed, I sat and listened quietly from my position in the living room.


No tears, No whining, No fit throwing.

Just as I began reflecting on how grown up my precious love had become, he came strolling out of his room, dragging stuffed animals in each hand. With his fully stuffed back pack in place, hat flipped backward, and shoes on the wrong feet, he announced with confidence that he didn't need me to take him to Lolli and Pops' house anymore.

"I sided (decided) to walk there, my Mommy. ALL BY MYSELF!"

Considering the gas prices, that may not be such a bad idea. Judging from all the suitcases he'll have to carry, though, it's a good thing my not so gentle man is passionately determined to get to his Lolli and Pop's house.

*Stay tuned for more on "Lil' Gentleman, His Mommy and Their Suitcases' Adventure at the Grandparent's" .....Part 2 continued next post....


raenette said...

How Precious! It sounds like he adores your parents and how great is that since they live hours away. I am so glad that Zane also has a relationship with my parents. I was always worried about that when I was pregnant; the distance.
Isn't it great though to watch and see how our children turn from babies to little boys and see their true characteristics that God gave them to be the men. We are watching how our sons are becoming the men that God created them to be even at such a young age. I think it is totally awesome! Oh, and I have just learned that if I didn't pack it, then my parents will just go buy it for him, not so much me! LOL!!!

Jeff and Lindsey said...

Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones, but that totally made me tear up! What a sweet little "gentleman".

I can relate to the grandparent thing too. Anderson loves his Pop and GiGi so much that sometimes I wish he missed us a little more than he does when he goes to visit them! HA!

We are starting to work with him on praying before meals and at bedtime. Any suggestions or prayers for toddlers that you would recommend?

Kelly @ Love Well said...

That's so sweet, Brittani. What a great story. You've captured it well.

I look forward to the continuing adventures.

Stephanie said...

Hi Brittani,

Yes, it is the same Scheschuk you dated in college. I actually made that connection one night when he mentioned that he had a call-in for their new business, Closet Tailor, that turned out to be you (his girlfriend in college)! He thought it was such a small world that you were looking for closet organization and that it wound up being him that got the call. They mentioned that you were now married to someone on staff at Fellowship and had a little boy. I thought - hmmm... is it Brittani? I asked him the name of this former girlfriend and he said Brittani! Very small world! We know the Scheschuk's from our Sunday School class at Stonebriar and we live near them. Our kids are 2 weeks apart in age, so we see them a lot!

Cindi said...

To quote my grandmother's famous line...."God love is little heart"
Oooooo...I just wanna squeeze him right now. I miss him already!
Can't wait for you guys to get back!

Deidre said...

That's so sweet .... a 'gentleman'. Love that.

I tagged you at my blog. If you've already participated, no worries.

Dellielou said...

Oh bless! Looking forward to part 2! Loving your blog, Del x

Ingram Gang said...

This is precious. I really wish I could see him and see the little gentleman he is becoming. You are such a sweet mommy!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Wow, he is getting big! Need to see him soon!

And if gas prices don't settle down, we may all be walking!