Friday, July 11, 2008

Wild Ride

First order of business, posting pictures I promised a week ago:

Our little fish...
Allaso Ranch water park- (look in the bottom left corner and you'll see Park and Zac and even a peek at Baby Kage, Challi, and an unpictured Krew, who came to visit for the day.) The water park has a large zero entry spray pool, a regular pool, 2 extremely fast water slides, and and a lazy river.
Rocking on the back porch..
Other than swimming, this is where Park likes to spend most of his time.

Second order of business, a short update:

Since Challi lives just 45 minutes away from Allaso Ranch, they were able to come spend July 4th with us. Today, she came back with her boys and they brought my parents with them. Park had so much fun showing them around. He was so excited to expose them to all his newly aquired skills, such as urinating off the balcony and burying himself in sand. Just to ensure them that he had not become totally uncivilized during his time at camp, he also impressed them with his ability to eat his lunch with the appropriate silverware and wipe the entire table down once we finished.

The water park was also a huge hit. As much as the boys loved it, I am embarrased proud to admit that despite being 31 and 33, Challi and I rode the water slides in old-school train fashion as we screamed for the boys and our parents to, "Watch this!"

I'm certain it was a proud parenting moment for Lolli and Pops as they took care of their grandchildren so their adult daughters could fling themselves down water slides. But don't think for a moment that Pops didn't get in on the action, taking the boys with him as an "excuse", as he squealed the entire way down.

Tomorrow, the first round of campers and volunteers will head back to Dallas. Many will be leaving behind the sin and shame they formerly carried, based on encountering Christ at Allaso Ranch. Others will walk away with seeds firmly planted in their hearts. As their camp experience comes to a close, 280 more students will arrive to take their place.

And we are more than ready to welcome them with open arms. If this week was any indication of all God has planned for the rest of the month, we can hardly wait to be apart of it.

The water slides may be a wild ride, but they pale in comparison to a life of serving Him!


Becoming Me said...

Great update and I LOVED those pictures!

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Great pictures.

It sounds like God is moving mightily. Awesome!

KirkKrew said...

Sounds like everything is going so well! I cannot wait for my girls to "grow up" and go to Allaso Ranch! It seems like an awesome place with lives changed everyday! Thanks to your family for the work you are doing there and the foundation you are laying for our kids in the future!

Ingram Gang said...

Wow! Can you take secret agent pictures of the staff house for me? It looks so incredible...I wanna see :)

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

OK, an incredible camp! Maybe I'll sign up for high school camp next year, and lie about my age! Love Park's boots!

Anonymous said...

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