Monday, July 7, 2008

Living His Dream

Let me start by saying that when these three weeks of camp end, I might have to drag Park home, while he kicks and screams the whole way. He is in LOVE with Allaso Ranch.

And why would he not be?

Isn’t it every little boys dream to live in a place where you have immediate access to horseback riding, a water park, and more wide open space than you know what to do with? Throw in tons of dirt, rocks, and stick, coupled with the chance to play rock band drums and guitars whenever your little heart desires and you have the makings for the greatest three weeks of his young life.

And if I’m really honest with you, Chris might have to drag me home, kicking and screaming, too, after eating this insanely delicious food and getting to live in the midst of all these beautiful East Texas trees.

We have been here for five days now and the students arrived yesterday. Upon their arrival, Park was so excited and asked me, “All the big kids get to come to my camp, too?”

Clearly, he has not made himself at home in the least.

Yes, camp is in full swing. All the prep work done by the staff has culminated into an incredible experience. Our volunteers are doing AMAZING work. I don’t think they could work harder if they tried. The energy around camp is electric and it is so exciting to be apart of it. With this large of an undertaking, it always amazes me how smoothly things operate. And even though there are sure to be kinks in the system to iron out, as there always are with new things, this camp already seems like a well oiled machine.

I taught my break out session this morning, so right now I am rocking on the large covered porch of the staff house where we are staying, while Park is napping upstairs. When he wakes up we will head over for swimming, followed by dinner and then the worship program. This year’s camp theme is “Unleashed” and tonight Chris will be preaching on being unleashed from the chains of temptations.

In order to avoid the temptation of running on stage to be with his daddy, Park will be playing in an upstairs loft with his favorite buddy Zac during the teaching time. Zac is the 8th grade son of a precious woman on Chris’ staff. His official title for this week is “Provider of Entertainment” for Park. The two of them are inseparable and I’m not sure whom is more fond of the other. Not to mention Zac is incredibly responsible and full of fun games that encourage Park to do things such as obey. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Here are a few pictures and I’m certain many more will follow: (pretend you see fun pictures right now and as soon as Blogger cooperates with me, I will get them posted)


Chrys and Mike said...

OH, so, so, so, so FUN! I must admit I am jealous--every summer I worked at Kanakuk I thought, "I want to live here and raise a family here!" How fun to be with your sweet boys in such a unique environment. Will be praying for your time.


Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

It sounds amazing. I'll keep praying for all involved.

raenette said...

I'm prayin for ya. Sounds like you are having a good time and the house sounds very peaceful even through your words.