Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just Clowning Around

I am long overdue on my Allaso Ranch wrap up post, complete with an insane amount of pictures and stories of life change and revival. It is in the works, but I'm having a hard time completing it because it almost seems impossible to capture with mere words all that this last month was about. And although I'm hesitant to put a timetable on when it will appear on the blog, I can tell you that I am hopeful to complete it sometime before we return there next summer.

Did I just take vagueness to a higher level or what?

In the mean time, I can share with you that we are currently in the throws of party planning. As unbelievable as it is to me, Park will be turning three next week and he had a special request as to what theme his party would revolve around this year.

When next Friday rolls around, Park's Third Birthday Circus: The Greatest Show on Earth will be appearing for one day only at our house. Well, technically, the show is already in progress because there is a little boy so excited for his party that he has walked around looking like this for the past week:

By the way, Chris wanted me let you know that we are more than willing to rent this little clown out, so that you, too, can experience ear piercing squeals and getting your nose honked every five seconds as he shouts, "STEP RIGHT UP, LADIES AND GENNLEMEN!"

My husband is nothing if not a generous man.

I also might as well admit to the entire Internet that we are THOSE people. You know the ones I'm talking about? The obnoxious parents that enjoy throwing large birthday bashes that our little man will probably not remember six months from now. We don't spend crazy amounts of money or anything, but we do love to go all out in the planning department. And even though I realize this is more for me, considering Park would be happy with a just a cupcake and some streamers, I find it to be a much needed creative outlet that I look forward to each year.

Especially since I simply dream up the crazy ideas, whereas hubby does most of the actual work.

And it would be wrong not to give props to my mom and sis, who are always assigned to any party duties that require the use of kitchen appliances. What can I say? It's not my fault that Challi can ice a mean cupcake.

And I think what I look forward to the most each year is the chance to bring our families and precious friends together to celebrate the blessing of having them in our life, investing in Park right alongside us.

After all, it definitely takes a village to raise a clown.

(Or at the very least, to keep us out of the funny farm:)


Chrys and Mike said...

what a cutie! adorable. really.

we're going to celebrate t's first bday at the circus on sat then we'll celebrate w/ family in abilene later in the week. i've got a circus cake ordered but that's about as far as the theme goes for us. i am not naturally gifted in hospitality so the idea of a big party stresses me out. i so wish i enjoyed it the way you do, though! park's party sounds like it will be a blast, and he will love seeing the pics for years to come.


Kristina said...

Brittani, I'm sure this will be so fun for your little guy! I haven't always been the biggest fan of clowns, but then I started going on mission trips to mexico twice every year. It was there that I learned how to be a clown! Everytime I go, I have a friend that dresses up in full clown gear with me, and we go to the villages and make balloon animals for the kiddos. It's crazy how God can take something you have zero interest in and make it part of your ministry!

I hope Park's birthday bash is a success!!

David said...

When we got the invitation the kids started laughing so hard! it is the cutest and we can't wait for the Big Day! Have fun planning, I can't wait to reap the benefits of all your hard work!!;)


Lori said...

Sounds like a super fun party for the little guy. I don't know what we're doing for the girls this year.