Sunday, October 5, 2008

Savoring the Gift of Motherhood

Last year, our pastor's wife, Lisa Young, began a new ministry called Flavour that meets on a monthly basis at our church. It is a place where woman of all ages gather for an hour in the middle of the day to be encouraged and inspired to use the unique "flavour" God has given us to influence our families, friendships, and communities.

Recently, Lisa came to Bridget, Sarah, and me, to share with us that God has been expanding that vision even further.

He placed a desire in her heart to create a brand new ministry of Flavour that would provide a program specifically designed for mothers of young children to come together for refreshment, rejuvenation, and to embrace this remarkable time in life. She wants Fellowship Church to provide a place where women in the same season of life can befriend one another and find encouragement and support from other mothers who are currently in the trenches with them.

Definitely qualifying as women in the trenches, Bridget, Sarah, and I were asked to lead this new ministry called Savor. (And I can't even tell y'all how well this has worked for providing us with a great reason to increase our number of Chili's nights!)

In all seriousness, the three of our lives have been so enriched by our friendships with each other and we are so excited to see all the relationships that God will develop through women coming together to savor the gift of motherhood.

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we would love to invite you to share this experience with us as we gather for the first time on Tuesday, Oct 7. Not only is it going to be fun and inspiring, but who can turn down free childcare?

Interested in more details? Click here.


Mandi said...

This sounds SOOOOOO wonderful! I wish I lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area!!!

"Flavour" and "Savor"...I love these names! It has been my goal from the beginning to savor all of these precious moments with my 8 month old baby boy.

Kelli said...

What a wonderful thing you guys are offering to mommies in your area! If only I lived in the DFW area! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Brittani,

I found your blog through a friends, and have enjoyed your Godly insight so much over the past few months. My husband and I attend Fellowship Church, and recently found out we are expecting our first child. I am really excited about Savor and the oppurtunity to meet other young moms. Thanks for sharing the link!

Chrissa Stavlo

Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. Please be sure you introduce yourself to me at Savor!

FaceforGrace said...

Oooh Girl, If I could afford it- I would go ahead and buy a ticket to DFW and hop on a plane and head over. Sounds like so much fun!

KirkKrew said...

I hope it went well today. I may just have to take the day off for the next one. :)

Mandi said...

Months ago I read this prayer in a book of mine and I wrote it down on an index card and posted it on my refrigerator. I read it again this morning and thought of this ministry you are helping with at your church. Maybe you can use it. (:

O Jesus, please help me to grab hold of these precious moments sifting through my fingers, to catch them and enjoy them before they disappear into the next minute and the next. Help me to slow down and savor this day that you have given to my child and me. Amen

from "Heartbeats - Encouraging Words for New Moms" by Sandra Byrd