Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So how did June already creep up on me?

Better yet, how is it that I graduated college 10 years ago???

We ended May with a bang when my college roommate came in from The Woodlands with her husband and 2 little girls for Memorial Day weekend. Amy lived with me all 4 years at A&M and Challi (who also lived with us) and I often refer to her as our third sister.

I even get the credit for introducing her to her (now) hubby during Sophomore year, who I had become good friends with during a Summer session. Since Matt played football at A&M, it was especially fun to see him sport Park's little Aggie helmet as we reminisced about all the memories we had made together. Chris laughed right along with us, since he has heard them so many times by now.

But after a while, the guys pooped out and just like old times, Amy and I laughed into the wee hours of the night.

But, instead of sleeping until noon the next morning like college, our little ones had us up bright and early. And instead of giving me her best assessment on my health based on pictures from her medical books as she often did at Aggieland, this time, Dr. Amy expertly checked me over for skin cancer. So far, so good.

It is amazing how much more confident I am with her opinions now that she is actually a Dermatologist v/s just the roommate who spent about 20 hours at the pool with me a week. I seriously love that girl.

(Me, Amy, and Chal with our babies 3 years ago. They love this picture because they are both wearing heels and appear taller than me. We are all tall girls, but I feel the need to clarify that I am still the tallest. I also feel the need to clarify that I am only wearing overalls because it was a fishing themed party:)

And after all the Memorial day fun, Chris, Park, and I headed to meet all my family at the lake the next weekend, where we started a new tradition of making homemade ice cream. Yum is all I have to say about that.

The boys (and by that I'm also including the husbands) did their usual fishing, boat riding, deer feeding and swimming in the lake. Somehow my dad got suckered into pitching Park, Krew, and Kage about 400 baseballs, while I'm not sure my mom ever put Baby Kord down except to make green eggs and ham with the older boys.

After a relaxing time, we ventured home to 90 degree plus reality, while my parents are heading off on an Alaskan cruise. Park keeps talking about how he can't understand why Lolli and Pops aren't taking him to ride dog sleds, ice fish and sleep in an igloo. He caught an episode of Daniel Cook in Alaska and it's been downhill every since.

And I don't want to imply he has them wrapped around his finger or anything, but let's just say a certain Pops and Lolli are planning a Disney vacation for everyone to make up for it. I might try and hold them off a year or so.

There is more to write, but a certain little boy is napping right now and since that only happens once in a blue moon, I better go accomplish something.

Or at the very least, squeeze in a call to Amy.


Anonymous said...

Aren't college memories the best? Hope your parents have a great trip! (I'm jealous, too, Park)


Anonymous said...

Please tell me y'all talked about the pig at La Grange!!!! Miss and love you both..

Liz*** said...

Wow, that pic threw me back to our college years...aka the good 'ol days. :)

raenette said...

Amy is still as beautiful as ever! And thanks for clarifing Britt, I was curious about the overalls!

Stephanie said...

Hi! Good to see you're back! Your friend Amy looks familiar. What year at A&M were you guys? I am Class of '97.

Stephanie said...

Hi! Good to see you're back! Your friend Amy looks familiar. What year at A&M were you guys? I am Class of '97.