Sunday, June 21, 2009

Big Shoes

Happy Father's Day, Chris!

I am constantly blown away by what an amazing father you are to Park and can hardly wait to see that same bond develop between you and our newest blessing. Thank you for being a teacher, encourager, provider, investor, role model and so much more.

I adore how you love to spend so much time with Park, constantly shaping the man he will become. Your example as his earthly father is giving him such a clear picture of the love his Heavenly Father has for him. You amaze me more every day.

We love you!


Cindi said...

I concur wholeheartedly! He is amazing and he loves his role as daddy, provider, husband and spiritual leader of your beautiful family. In addition to all of that, he is amazing son who teaches his momma something new every time we're together.

Autumn and haley said...

He has some mighty big shoes but I know that Park has a wonderful foundation in which to grow from and someday fill those shoes.

Love you tons!

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