Thursday, September 6, 2007

His "Unexplained" Explanation

As a child, my sister had so many dolls that she actually had to resort to using the name Baby-No-Name. Her desire for motherhood manifested at a very early age, and mostly appeared through her interactions with me. She finds great joy in serving others and unlike me, selflessness is not an issue for her.

So, you can imagine the heartbreaking journey she faced, while unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for three long years. After finally seeking medical help, "unexplained infertility" was the official diagnosis given for why her and her husband could not conceive the child they so desperately desired.

In a joint effort, hundreds of friends and family members stormed the gates of heaven through unceasing prayer, petitioning God to open her womb. Leading the charge was my very own mom, who has had so many specific prayers answered over the years that my friends often joke she has a direct hotline to Jesus.

And still her womb remained closed.

My heart was broken for her and I became consumed by it. Month after month I painstakingly awaited the dreaded phone call, while all the while praying it would never come. Night after night I cried with her and begged God for a miracle. I prayed for Him to give her direction and even change her desire if need be.

And still her womb remained closed.

Around this same time, Chris began to discuss with me his growing desire to have a child of our own. I could hardly even address this issue because I wanted desperately for Challi to experience motherhood first. He was extremely sympathetic to their situation, but felt we should not put off starting a family for long. I, too, wanted a child, but I was so burdened for her that I could not even contemplate it.

After much prayer and confirmation, Challi and husband began In Vitro Fertilization on the morning of Dec. 13, 2004.

Challi's prayer that day was so transparent: "Father, if You choose to work through these doctors to allow me to become pregnant, I will give You the glory because You are the author of life and the only One who can open a womb. If I am not pregnant at the end of this process, I will give You the glory because You are the only One able to sustain us and give us new direction. And after years of facing this same thorn, we have nothing left to do other than rest at the foot of the cross because You know the desires of our hearts and Your grace is sufficient."

That same morning, I about passed out when I saw two lines on the little stick I was holding. Mixed emotions flooded my heart and tears welled up in my eyes. Tears of joy that God had chosen to surprise us with such an amazing gift contrasted the bitter tears of sorrow that I cried for the sister I love with every ounce of my being.

How could God allow this to happen in the midst of the most stressful and heart wrenching time of Challi's life? How on earth could He give me an unexpected pregnancy while allowing her to desperately struggle with infertility for years?

When sharing the news with my sister, she cried joyfully. Graciously reminding me that this was the next best thing to having a child herself, she worked hard to ensure nothing took away from the miracle God had given me. I was not the least bit surprised, since I've known forever that she loves me way more than she loves herself. Yet, I knew the depth of longing her heart carried and in turn I was wrecked with sorrow and mourning.

But then, just as His word says He will do, He turned our mourning into dancing...

On Sept 6, 2005, precious Krew joined our family, just 3 short weeks behind his cousin Park. Challi and I were able to experience pregnancy and motherhood the same way we've faced everything in life, TOGETHER.

Although their infertility was classified as unexplained by the world's standards, God has made the explanation quite clear.

The unspeakable joy this little boy has brought to all of our lives is a testament to God's faithfulness. My sister and her husband helped to start an infertility ministry at their church because the Lord had a plan and their pain had a purpose. They are able to comfort others like only those who have been there can do.

But the story doesn't even end here. Sweet Kage was also born just 19 short months after his brother, Krew. No In Vitro... No medical intervention...and No mistaking that God is still in the business of miracles.

*Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet Krew! Park thinks you are the funniest thing in the whole world and boy does he love you. Not a day goes by that he doesn't ask to call you or what you are doing. I'm so thankful for the relationship you two have and that God placed you in our family. We love you, Krewster, and can't wait to celebrate with you!


TCC said...

What an amazingly awesome testimony!

Thank you so much for sharing that with us!

Happy Birthday Krew!

Kelly said...

Oh my, I have tears in my eyes! What a beautiful testimony of God's love and faithfulness, and also of the beautiful bond of love between you and your sister. As I look at the pictures of you two with your boys, I just pray that is what life will be like for my two girls- that they will love one another more than themselves.
Praise God for your precious family. Your sister's prayer shows how deeply your family has been touched by the legacy of your Mom's faith...praise God, He is good!

carrie said...


Thank you for sharing this powerful personal story. My sister wrote a similar account recently (but about a close friend)--I couldn't link to it directly, but just scroll down to the post called "Answers":

I have a friend struggling with infertility, and I'm never quite sure what do to support her. Any thoughts?

Janelle said...

I am de-lurking. This is beautiful. Our God is big!

Love the fun for little boys.

Autumn said...

I can't believe I forgot! Gotta go send an ecard. I got a great post for you today (I'm so joking). Love ya!

Marlina said...

Thank you! That was awesome! What a testimony. God is great, and what a great gift!

Chrys and Mike said...

sweet, sweet post. beautifully written.

God is so good to us.

thanks for sharing.


Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I love that last picture of you four in your Aggie gear--so fun! Now if I could just get my own sister to move back here . . .Although I don't know that HUGE Landon and tiny Addison would look so similar in a photo, regardless of matching outfits!!

Wednesday night was fun--we need to do that again!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Those pictures are just too much! I LOVE the one of the A & M overalls, and my favorite might be the reindeer one!

Precious story!

Be Inspired Always said...

I'm de-lurking to say How beautiful this entry was. I still have tears in my eyes.

The pictures are adorable. Especially the Christmas one.


Christy said...

WOW what a beautiful story and what beautiful children!!!

Steff( said...

wasnt being pregnant with your sister one of the most awesome things ever??? My sister and I were pregnant at the same time with her first and my second. Ours are 7 weeks apart, a boy(mine) and a girl. They talk to and about each other just like yours do and sometimes I would swear they are able to communicate telepathically.
Congrats on such a sweet story.

Sun said...

God is amazing - mind blowing - this is AWESOME! I LOVE the picture where the two dads have "caught their fish" - that is hilarious! Sunshine

Kelly said...

I just found your blog and I love it!
Thanks so much for this sweet inspiring story! Nothing God does is by accident - isn't he awesome?

Ginger said...

Such sweet pictures!