Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Refreshingly Honest

Nothing forces you to face that you are no longer a "Spring chicken" like a 10 Year High School Reunion. My husband got his wake up call this past weekend and being that I am actually a year older than him, I am glad he finally joined me on the "not as young as I used to be" side.

There is quite a draw to being present at such functions because there is nothing quite as joyous as seeing former "nerds" who've blossomed into beauty queens or former athletes who've transformed into overzealous football coaches.

It really is quite heartwarming.

Who is married? Who has kids? Who looks the same or has changed the most? These are all questions on the forefront of everyone's minds and each person is willing to pay cold hard cash to find out the answers. (Well, for that and the "free" meal, of course)

But perhaps if everyone would have been as refreshingly honest as the guy who posted the profound comment on the ever handy Reunion E-VITE, people could have just saved their $100 admission fee.

He wrote in the WHO'S COMING? section of the on-line invitation:

"I'm coming even though I am now fat and bald."

*For the purpose of full disclosure, I must admit that we both had a great time and met (or in his case, reacquainted) with some really great people. Looking forward to the 20 year:)

MHS Class of '97


Kelli in the Mirror said...

And isn't that the truth? :) Mine was four years ago. I'm oh-so-elderly.
I gave you an award- come see!

Kelly said...

I'm creeping up on my 20th reunion - that is freaking me out.
The best part is that age seems to be the great equalizer.....no longer were we all concerned about who was dating who or who was the coolest...but we were all in that late 20's/marriage/starting families stage and the cliques kind of dropped off. That's what I enjoyed about my reunion.

David Campbell said...

funny reading this I just realized the other day that I have been out of high school for 17 years!! That means people graduating next year were not born when I graduated!! I swear it was just yesterday.