Monday, September 10, 2007


There is a new lady in the house and both my men are quite taken with her. Standing only 4 ft tall, this royal beauty has an uncanny ability to steal the undivided attention of my son, while all the while monopolizing my husband's time.

And truthfully, I might be be jealous if she weren't doing such a good job of keeping my home clean, without me having to lift a finger.

The night we moved into our house, our neighbor brought over his Dyson vacuum cleaner. He explained to us that this vacuum was like no other we had ever experienced before and since they would be out of town he wanted to leave it with us overnight.

My first thought was I'm not exactly sure I would classify something that cleans dirt as an "experience" and my second was how did we get so lucky as to move next door to a man that wanted us to babysit for a vacuum?

Thankfully, I did not voice such judgements because I was very wrong on both accounts.

Now, my husband is not a brand name kind of man, folks. He believes that food is food, clothes are clothes, and a product is a product. No amount of cheeky labels or designer price tags are going to convince him otherwise.

Until now.

Chris has become a vacuum snob. As far as he is concerned, if you are not a Dyson, you are not a vacuum. And when this "Great Value" loving man told me that we were buying a $350 dollar dirt sucking machine, I knew he meant business.

So, she has affectionately been dubbed "Princess Dy", our newest beloved family member. And I reluctantly admit she does not disappoint.

The Princess is a non-discriminatory machine and believes in equal opportunity for all surfaces; she sucks as much dirt off wood floors, tile and window seals as she does carpet. Dust bunnies everywhere, TAKE COVER, because she comes with attachments and she is not afraid to use them.

Perhaps the best part of the deal is that Chris and Park are so possessive protective of her that I am rarely allowed to touch her. Hallelujah!

With as smitten as they are with her, though, I'm a little worried that she will develop an unruly attitude of superiority to our other cleaning apparatuses. Sibling rivalry runs rampant in many families and I'm certain that when royalty is involved it's only worse.

Princess Dy, I must warn you that as Queen of this house, I outrank you. You may have the love and support of my men, but I will not tolerate it if you try and edge out my beloved Swiffer.


Mom22Boyz said...

I am glad to hear there is a great vacuum out there! I have an Oreck; and, although I like it, there are some cons to it. I will keep Princess Dy in my thoughts when I purchase a new one!

By the way, you totally made my night when you were the FIRST to respond to my new blog! I was shocked to see your comment and my sister was jealous too! I still enjoy reading yours and am enjoying keeping "my journal".

Davedda @ mom22boyz

David Campbell said...

Umm, Princess Dy is eating your rug! Is that half of your rug in that thing? I need one of those. I always have this feeling that I am not getting the carpets as clean as they should be.
Great seeing you today!

Sun said...

I need one of those :) Sunshine

Kelly said...

Too funny:-)

I now have vacuum envy!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Maybe Princess Dy needs to meet our Uncle Oreck...because we love him so. It could be a marriage made in heaven.

The Thurmonds said...

mmmmmmm.... we LOVE our Mr. Dyson. He's so cute and purple (maybe he's a Miss Dyson). I have a story about Mr. Dyson... when we moved into our house there were fresh vacuum marks (the cleaning lady had just cleaned the day that we closed) and there weren't any foot prints. But I still didn't trust her vacuum. So, the very first possession that I brought into the house was Mr. Dyson and WOW was I glad I did. I vacuumed every room and had to empty the canister in every room! YIKES!! Boy was I glad I had my friend! Welcome to the Dyson family... you won't be disappointed :o)

Josh, Nat, & Lily Pat said...

that is so funny. i have heard those are AMAZING but haven't experienced it for myself yet.

Chrys and Mike said...

funny post. sounds like dy is impressive. i'm totally reliant on roomba. oliver used to ride him around as he cleaned.

yes! LOVE angela. what a woman. she walks w/ the Lord.


Liz*** said...

I NEED one of those! That would make my hubby so happy!

Ginger said...

Hey, if it gets your husband or children to volunteer to vaccuum then I say, good for you, girl!

Nat said...

We have a Dyson and it totally has my vote as the bestest clean machine ever. I am so with you- it picks up everything- anywhere! So glad that you got to 'experience' such clean satisfaction =) xx

Anonymous said...

Power to Lady Dy and the man that makes her work!!
Phyl Phyl