Sunday, December 9, 2007

Come On Over, the Party is Just Getting Started

Approximately six years ago I had a wonderful idea to throw a surprise party for Chris' 23rd birthday.

Because I wanted it to keep it intimate, I only invited everyone he worked with, his entire family, my family, and all our closest friends.

Somehow anyone who lived within a hundred mile radius made the cut.

I believed this would be the perfect gift because there is nothing he enjoys more than being in the company of those he loves most, as well as perfect strangers. The man is a people person for crying out loud.

Well, hindsight's 20/20.

Everything went very smoothly up until the moment I saw the look of sheer horror in his eyes as he realized he had been tricked into attending a celebration of his life. He might be the only surprise party recipient in history to slip out on his own bash before the guests.

Although meticulous with every detail, I had failed to think through his disdain for anything being "all about him".

Which can be a small problem when you are the guest of honor.

Somehow, basking in the limelight has never come easy to my sweet husband. He loves to socialize, but resists being the center of attention. And as frustrating as that can be for a wife who ADORES birthday festivities, his humble spirit is actually one of the qualities I admire most.

I often marvel at God's creativity, simply by looking at all the unique qualities in Chris. Although athletic, hard-working, practical, organized, and aggressive, he is equally as artistic, creative, tender, inquisitive, and evangelical.

And were it not for his strong calling to the ministry, he also has the gifts to be a photographer, financial planner, carpenter, artist, architect, chef, or even a designer.

The man has some serious skills!

I especially love how all those characteristics have translated into one pretty amazing husband and father.

And as much as I would love to publicly celebrate hubs with a huge party on his birthday, five years of marriage has taught me not to repeat past mistakes.

So, Chris, since a surprise party is off limits, I thought I would go with something a little more subtle this year.

Think of it as a compromise.

Welcome to your very own "private" Happy Birthday Blog Party, where you aren't physically the center of attention, but your life is celebrated all the same. Even if it is by people who stumbled upon this blog by googling "toddler poop". I'm sure they are still really nice folks.

And although, technically, it is still a surprise party, this time you have permission to leave before the guests.

Happy Birthday, my love!

*As a rule of thumb, I don't usually post pictures of smelly fish on my blog, but I'm sacrificing for your birthday. If that isn't true love, I don't know what is. (And because I know you so well, I want to clarify that I was talking about my sacrifice and not your relationship with the fish:)


Christy said...

Happy Birthday!

You are blessed :)

Dellie said...

Happy birthday Chris, have a good one!
Del x

Embracing my cup said...

Happy Birthday, Chris!

David Campbell said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday Dear C-H-R-I-S!!!!! Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
Much Love,
The Campbells

Chrys and Mike said...

Hope you had a special day!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday---sweet son-in-love. May you have many, many more. Love, B

Mom said...

Happy Birthday my precious son.
I love you so much!
Love, Mom

Sun said...

Happy Birthday - although I don't know either of you personally...I love this blog and so wanted to say Happy Birthday Chris! And if I don't get to check back before Christmas I wanted to wish your entire family a very Merry Christmas! Love Sunshine