Friday, December 21, 2007

The Tall Order That Fell Short

Seeing as I'll be soaking in some family time for the next week, I wanted to wish y'all one final, very Merry Christmas.

And give you a laugh (at my expense) as a parting gift.

A few days ago, I bought Park a yogurt off the dollar menu at McDonald's, while he took a break from climbing on the germ infested apparatus dubbed a playland. When the cashier handed me some change back, I glanced down on the counter to see the clear container of donations toward the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Recognizing a beautifully teachable moment, I crouched down to hand our leftover coins to Park. While doing so, I told him that this "special piggy bank" was for helping children in need. I reminded him that Jesus asks us to take care of both the poor and sick. Finishing off the little sermon, I explained that we could honor God with our small offering.

Because it was around noon, the fast food joint was packed with people who had a small window of opportunity for a lunch break under the golden arches. Not very many of these fine folks were in the mood to wait around on our little learning experience, so I did my best to hurry Park along.

He was quite hesitant to let go of his shiny treasure, so I reminded him that God loves a cheerful giver. I promised that I would clap for him as soon as he dropped them in the bucket.

Feeling pretty proud of myself for the outstanding parenting moment, my Mommy ego was in full bloom. I was all but ready to pat myself on the back as soon as I heard the clank in that little can. Reluctantly, he had departed with the dimes, but upon doing so, the realization of the finality of his decision became more than his little 2-year-old heart could take.

And right about the moment I began clapping for him, all eyes and ears turned our direction in time to hear him scream,


Um, yes, I'd like some fries with my humiliation and formerly super sized ego, please. And can we get that to go?


Kelly said...

The job description of a mommy should be "keeping you humble- one humiliating moment at a time!"

Love this! Merry Christmas:-)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Ouch. That's super-sized, for sure.

But certainly, we've all been there. It's one of God's good gifts. Parenting keeps us humble, doesn't it?

Merry, merry Christmas.

Tiffany said...

I love your honesty! Pride is something that can sneak in so easily if we're not careful. I can totally relate, on so many levels (as a mother, teacher, and fallible human being.) Children help to keep that all in perspective though. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! God bless!

David Campbell said...

Seriously, "I not like poor people" had me rolling! You are a good mommy and one day Park will read this and through his flushed cheeks thank you for the seemingly little daily lessons.
Love you sweet friend...hope you are having fun with your family right this very minute!


Kelly said...

That is SO funny and so like our human nature! But I think it was SO sweet what you were trying to teach him. I think you are a great mom and you can have your ego back! :-)

Katie said...

This is hilarious!! This is a story you'll be telling him years to come! I would have crawled under the table!

Anonymous said...

this is so great! in a funny way, I mean!! Isn't it funny how they say the darnest things at the most opportune time!?!

happy new year! still enjoying your posts trememdously!