Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Because the Tomb is Empty, My Heart is Full

Last year as a family, we went to the doctor a total of two times. And really, neither of those actually counted because one was my yearly check-up and the other was a well-baby visit for Park.

But sadly, in the last two months alone, our total number of visits has increased to a whopping six times, plus we threw in a trip to the emergency room for good measure. To make matters worse, all but one of those appointments belonged to Park.

To say it has been a rough winter would be an understatement.

Thankfully, though, we have only been dealing with minor annoyances such as bronchitis, an ear infection, pink-eye and so on. However, this season of illness has done wonders for me in the empathy department. My heart aches for those parents out there who are helplessly watching their children battle life-threatening illnesses or even ongoing medical complications.

While sitting in the emergency room for 5 long hours several weeks ago, as we held our feverish little one in our arms, Chris and I discussed what a great equalizer the hospital waiting room is. Regardless of your income, education, influence, status or lack there of, every person sitting in that room is simply a parent in a position of desperate need. It is the ultimate definition of powerless to watch your child suffer, knowing there is nothing you wouldn't give to take their place.

Can you imagine what God must have felt as He sent His Son to the cross? While hearing Jesus praying fervently in the Garden, did He long to intervene and spare Him from the path ahead? Did He ache to relieve the devastating burden from His shoulders? Oh, the torment of knowing He had the power to stop His Son from enduring so much pain, yet in the same instant, loving ME enough to allow it to happen.

In my limited human wisdom, I dare to say that decision must have been beyond agonizing; a gut wrenching kind of torture I may never fully understand. But because of His sacrificial love for me, God stood unwavering.

And enduring both physical and mental anguish, Jesus remained unchanged, as well. Together with His Father, unmoved from seeing my salvation to fruition because NOTHING can separate me from His love.

Conquering death, HE ROSE AGAIN!

The emergency room might be a small picture of such, but the cross truly IS the greatest equalizer. Regardless of income, education, influence, status, works, or lack there of, we are each in a position of desperate need. Unable to save ourselves, we can choose to fall into the welcoming arms of the Savior that has already done the work for us.

And by his stripes, we are healed.

(Happy late Easter, Y'all!)

*statue at the Charles Bridge in Prague , courtesy of my sweet friend Liz

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Beautifully written!