Monday, March 10, 2008

I Am "Snow" Over It

All my life, I've wondered if my body temperature is several degrees lower than the average human.

When others around me are sweating, I am usually quite comfortable. Often when I crawl in bed, placing my cold feet on my husband's warm legs, he says that I am his own personal air conditioning unit. And although most folks wouldn't enjoy being pregnant in the stifling heat of a Texas summer, I actually found it quite refreshing to finally feel comfortable inside the frozen tundra of a movie theater.

No, I'm not expecting a call from the Polar Bear's Club anytime soon.

That being said, Friday brought about the opportunity to play in the snow. And I must admit that it was both beautiful and exciting because it was so out of the ordinary. But for those of you that live up North, I must ask a very important question.


Chris and I played with Park, making a snowman and sliding down the hill in our backyard. We marched around the crunchy vast whiteness and had snow ball fights, while laughing until our sides hurt. And then the numbness in our hands and feet took over and we ran back inside to nurse our wounds every 15 minutes or so. It was the most painfully enjoyable experience, serving as a reminder of why our family won't be taking any ski trips in the near future.

We took a winter vacation to Colorado one year when I was a little girl and I begged my parents to never make me endure such misery again. To enjoy snow skiing, I think one needs a higher body temperature than that of a corpse, therefore eliminating me from ever qualifying for the Winter Olympics. Well, that and the fact that there is not even a minuscule glimpse of athletic ability in my freezing cold body.

And although hubby can hold his own in the athletic department, his inability to tolerate his feet being "trapped" in anything resembling confinement is a slight problem when trying to snow board. Or wear boots for that matter.

Although I'm not exactly certain where Chris' foot claustrophobia originated, after witnessing his painful attempts at putting Park's shoes on for the last two years, I'm convinced it is a very real problem. One that might require years of therapy before skiing is a possibility ever again.

So, between my negative zero body temperature and Chris' constrictive feet issues, for now, it looks like this weekend's Texas blizzard may be as close to "real" snow as sweet Park comes.

Although based on how much snow he ate, it is quite possible that those of you Northern folk who are tired of shoveling snow could use his services. .

Who knows, snow eating may even catch on as a sport in the Winter Games, easily enjoyed (possibly indoors) by cold, nonathletic competitors.

Or those with feet complications.


Stacy in NJ said...

Hi Brittani! I've read your blog for a while now and have been moved by the sincerity and eloquence of so many of your postings. That being said, I feel a little silly commenting on this one...I lived in El Paso for 6 years, moving after I graduated highschool for Syracuse University! What an adjustment! My roommate, ironically, was from Dallas and we grew "thick blood" together. I really believe that is what happens. Recently, we were in Fl when they had a "cold spell" (58 degrees) everyone was bundled up and my husband and I were quite comfortable! You just get used to it!:) Keep up your wonderful blog!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I agree with Stacy. You do get used to it. I grew up in Minnesota and never thought twice about the cold. (Not until I was a teenager, at least, when the weather started to negatively impact my fashion options.) During our 10-year stint in California, my blood thinned, and I wasn't able to handle anything under 40 without major whining and lots of layers.

And now? We've been back in Minnesota for five years. My blood is thick again. Twenty doesn't even feel cold. (Plus, our air is very dry during the winter. Damp 20 is brutal. Dry 20 isn't bad.)

Plus, I no longer care about my fashionable self. I dress in layers, with lots of sweaters and Lands End winter gear.

Oh! And since this is already a dangerously long comment, I should add that my in-laws -- lifelong Minnesotans -- have such thick blood that they keep their house thermostat at 65 in the winter, and when the mercury rises over 75 in the summer, they complain bitterly about the heat.

Christy said...

I am right there with you!

Clay wants to kill me in the summer because I don't want to run the air. I LOVE it because for once I am not cold!!!

raenette said...

I can't believe that ya'll got all that snow. It looks so beautiful! Park is precious and I hope he didn't eat any yellow snow LOL!!!

I HATE cold too. I'm glad we don't get too cold too often here!

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

Sometimes, I miss the snow. Sometimes. But not today. My house is open, and my feet are bare.

Still. A big part of me wants to go sledding down a snowy hill. Somewhere.......some day. :)

Tarrah said...

This post just cracked me up. I live in Vermont right now which if you were to see the news you would know that we are having very cold temps (in the teens) and just got over a snow/ice storm. We can not celebrate easter outside, EVER!!! and I am very very very very tired of it :) I would love to be in Texas right now. Hopefully someday we will be somewhere in the South.

Kelly said...

I am SO with you. I am always cold and I hate cold weather. I have always said that north AR (where I live) is as far north as I can ever live (and sometimes it's too north for me).
I prefer sunny, warm summer days!

Michelle said...

Make sure you have water-proof gloves. Never try to touch the snow in knit ones! I hate the to be in the snow, but I know this from sending my kid outside!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Your house and family look beautiful in the snow!

That being said...I know! How do people do it EVERY day in the winter with snow up north? It really complicates things, and mothers must get a rough case of cabin fever!

jeni said...


I have the same exact problem only OPPOSITE! lol....I am always HOT! It's like my natural core body temperature is hot. My kids say I'm their personal heater. My hands are always warm to hot. The only problem is that I've always lived in Florida which makes it worse! lol