Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bunny Business

Never mind that it is only the first day in April, Easter celebrations are hopping around here. Considering our Christmas tree was up by Halloween, we are all about getting the party started. (And since it technically didn't come down until mid January, apparently we are also about being the last guests to leave.)

Here's to egg hunting through mid-May.

Park is beyond excited to go take his picture with some real bunnies next week, but he has been sure to clarify about 100 times that they are real and NOT the "fake mall Easter bunny in the scary costume." We will also be hosting a little Easter party for Bridget and Sarah's kids next week and Park double checked that the "mall bunny" would not be making a guest appearance. Clearly, he is not a fan.

However, we had some people in bunny costumes at our church last weekend greeting at the front doors. Apparently, church Easter Bunnies are not as scary judging from the multiple high fives and waves Park gave them. But when someone tried to make it into a photo op, he bolted faster than Peter leaving Mr. Mcgregor's garden.

I still call it progress from last year, though. Baby hops, folks, baby hops.

Last week, at the Fort Worth Campus alone our church stuffed and distributed 50,000 Easter eggs with candy and fliers inviting people to our services. As a church, we also spent a weekend serving the community and reaching out to our neighbors. Too many times in my life I have TOLD people about Jesus without SHOWING them His love. It was such an awesome thing to be be apart of and I'm so thankful that among all the Easter parties and festivities, Park was able to get a glimpse of the REAL reason for Easter.

In other news, Park was also a big fan of April Fool's today, as well. He must have tricked me about 50 times. His favorite one was telling me that his hair had turned various colors and then screaming, "APRIL FOOLS!!!", while laughing wildly. I have to admit I fell for the one about my cell phone being in the fridge.

Mainly because I've actually put it there before without realizing it.

So, when after being several days "overdue", Challi called me tonight to say her water broke, I waited for the big, "April Fools!"

Turns out, sister doesn't joke around about labor pain. And since we both do natural childbirth, I totally understand why.

Park and I will be heading to East Texas in the early morning to meet my newest niece or nephew. But until then, I'm guaranteed to get no sleep tonight while I pace the floors praying for a safe, healthy delivery. No wonder she about went into cardiac arrest when I was still pushing with Park five hours into it. She said giving birth paled in comparison to knowing I was doing it and she could do nothing but wait for news.

You'd think I'd be more relaxed since she has given me so much practice waiting for baby news. This is her third baby to deliver in three years, after all! With three kids age three and under, I'm thinking I should probably stress less about the delivery and more about her losing her mind upon returning home!

My dad wants us to put it in writing that we are done with having babies. After each of us having trouble conceiving at different points, each of us having unexpected pregnancies at times, combined with the fact it makes him crazy for us to be in any kind of pain, this man does not do well with childbirth or the likes. All my life my dad loved having girls, but when I talked to him a few minutes ago he said, "And why exactly did I not pray for sons?"

You would have thought that the two weddings in one year thing would have driven him to this conclusion much sooner, but clearly Pops is a strong man.

I have to admit it did cross my mind to call back and tell him I'm in labor, too, and then after a long pause follow it up with, "April Fool's!", but I'm just not that cruel.


Chrys said...

How FUN! Praying for your sister now and can't wait to hear news!!!


Ann said...

Praying your sister and neice/nephew are doing well by now! Give us details when you come home, please!