Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How Can I Possibly Give This Randomness a Title?

Since I haven't made much time for blogging lately, I'm feeling overwhelmed by all the stories I want to record. I think I'll just start out by writing random snippets and hopefully end up with some form of a post.

I am halfway through this pregnancy already. How exactly did that happen? This sweet baby is moving all around. Park wants to feel it so badly, but every time he puts his hand to my belly the kicks suddenly stop. When this happens he always says, "Oh, man! God sure gave us a tricky little one!"

Yesterday, he told me,"I really want a brother, but I'll be thankful for whatever God gives us." It's only taken about 20 weeks of work to get him to this point, but just as I was relishing we had finally arrived, he added, "If it is a sister I'll protect her, and if someone is mean to my brother I'll punch 'em in the nose!"

And if you've ever seen his moves, you understand my concern.

I'm not sure if that horrified me more or the fact that Chris answered with, "You got it, buddy!"

On another note, what is up with maternity jeans? I'm still wearing my regular jeans held together with a rubber band because I have yet to find a pair that I could go out in public in. Am I the only one with issues?

And speaking of maternity clothing issues, I pulled out my clothes I wore when pregnant with Park. Can four years really make that much of a difference in style? If I looked as wrong in them then as I do now, someone should have just put me out of my misery. At the rate things are going, What Not To Wear may contact me before this pregnancy is over.

Can I just tell you that despite all my wardrobe malfunctions, not a day goes by that I don't soak up how thankful I am to be pregnant! Based on the time it took to get here, I am painfully aware of how many women are aching to have the opportunity to look dorky in maternity jeans. And I pray that when they are on the other side of their infertility, they will not take for granted what others are so desperately longing for.

I am one of those rare people that LOVE being pregnant. Even with Park, I just enjoyed it right up until the last day. Of course, it helps that I don't really get morning sickness and that my hubby thinks pregnancy is beyond hot. I could do without the whole labor thing, but the actual growing of the baby inside me is something I did not expect to enjoy so much.

And speaking of enjoyment, I can't help but think God must have laughed at Park's prayer tonight. It went like this:

Jesus, thank you for the beautiful sky you gave us tonight. And for cars, and horses, and my socks. Even though they stink. Will you smell my feet and give me something good to eat? I'm hungry, but Mommy said I already had my bedtime snack. Oh and thank you for my Daddy's stinky booty. Please help our baby to be stinky, too, because boys are stinky and I want a boy baby. Amen

What am I going to do with that child?


Ann said...

Too funny!! Love that prayer and I'm sure God was laughing too!!

Autumn and haley said...

ROFL! I love Park so much!!! "Park, come live w/ Aunt Autumn for a week!!"

Tell Chris he looks hot when he's pregnant too :P

Now you know why I didn't wear maternity jeans until the very end. Shirts we regular clothes as well. I love those belly bands! Did I leave that black one for you???

Don't forget to check my blog...I do still have it!

Judy said...

I just love the comments Park makes. They are just too funny. I'm so glad you share them with us. He sounds like a charmer.

KirkKrew said...

Oh how funny!! I'm glad everything is going well. Hope to see you soon! How's the FW campus?

Heather said...

I love being pregnant, too, and have already cried twice this week because my pregnancy is almost over! (I know, I know, people...I am having that sweet baby to love forever...but I love having her INSIDE me and relishing in God's miracle, too!)
I feel great when I am pregnant...just like you. Could do it forever. The Park stories are hilarious!
OH- and I have some jeans that I love from Motherhood...but my fashion standard is not too high...What not to Wear would eat me alive!
Have a great weekend!

Kelli said...

He is going to be such a good big brother!! :)

I struggled with maternity jeans too!! I found ONE random pair at Old Navy that worked. If you find a good pari, let us know!!

Sammy said...

Seven For All Mankind makes gorgeous maternity jeans! They're expensive, but so worth it. I wore mine throughout my pregnancy and people often commented on them.

Anonymous said...

that prayer was a HOOT!!! thanks for sharing it. i so love hearing how much you are enjoying your pregnancy. keep us posted.

Amy said...

Our boys sounds so much alike and I think they are similiar in D-Man will be 4 in July. Like you, we struggled to get pregnant a second time and in fact lost a baby last year at 13 weeks. I am happy to report now that I am 14 weeks and loving life. Pregnancy is great (even though I am blessed to have the all day sickness for many weeks) and yes, I can't wear even half of my maternity clothes from last time because they are...dare I say...UGLY! I have found some jeans that are cute and I bought them on eBay...b/c I wasn't about to pay full price for them. Citizens of Humanity and 7 For All ManKind maternity jeans on eBay...check them out...I got a pair of each for a REALLY, REALLY great price. Sorry this is so long. Keep us updated!

Cindi said...

Oh man sweet little stinky Park! I love him soooooo much! He can't stay with Aunt Autumn until he stays with me for a week! Ahem....when might that be?????