Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The End of an Era

It has been almost a week and I am still in shock.

As I shamefully mentioned a while back, we had yet to do away with Park's beloved Pa (known to most as the pacifier) when it came to sleeping. My intention all along was to do away with it on his third birthday, but as that day came and went I could not bring myself to do it.

During that time, we had been facing about 10 months of infertility and the idea of forcing my already too grown up only child to give up his solitary tie to babyhood was too daunting of a task. Chris offered to take matters into his own hands, but I pleaded for an extension.

He happily obliged me because he is a smart man that knows when Momma isn't happy, nobody is happy.

Around the time Park turned 3 and 1/2, I found out I was finally pregnant. And although this seemed like the prime time to dispose of the bad habit, I decided I was too tired to worry with it and gave myself a May deadline. Chris saw the writing on the wall when May came and went and Park's nightimes were still filled with round-the clock, blissful sucking.

And to make matters worse, I showed no remorse whatsoever. I think Chris finally realized the gravity of the situation when I shared with him that a friend had told me kids lose the desire to suck at age 7. After all, what could be the harm in waiting another 4 years?

Enter private discussions between Park and his Daddy.

So, imagine my surprise when Park woke up the morning of his 4th birthday to announce he was so big he no longer needed a Pa. He nonchalantly gathered his aged, dilapidated friends and made the executive decision to throw them all in the pond.

I'm not going to lie, my heart was in my throat. Did he realize the finality of his actions? Could he live with this come nightfall? Would any of us ever sleep again?

After voicing my concerns, perhaps Chris had a point when he delicately mentioned that it might not be Park that had the addiction, after all.

As I had promised Park months before, we let him pick out his favorite Pa and took him to the Build-A-Bear workshop to choose any stuffed animal his little heart desired to store my his beloved treasure inside. Before placing the Pa within the hand of the carefully chosen bunny, I asked him if he wanted to suck it one last time. (All the while, ignoring the eye roll coming from Chris' direction that seemed to ask me, "Would YOU like to suck it one last time?")

Park replied with an underwhelming, "Sure. Why not?" After 4 years of being tied to this beloved item, THIS was all the enthusiasm he could muster??? After sucking it for about .05 seconds he happily shoved it in my hand and announced, "Ok-I'm Done."

Who WAS this kid????

* Please note that his favorite Pa just so happens to be a little on the feminine side. After they discontinued the brand he LOVED so dearly, Aunt Challi remarkably found them online, but all they had were girl pacifiers! He didn't seem to mind.

And before I could change my mind, I tearfully handed it to the stuffing worker, who thoughtfully reminded me if this doesn't work I could simply cut it out, and watched as Pa was transformed into a stuffed bunny. She handed it over to us with sympathy in her eyes, but not before whispering to me, "May God bless you all tonight."

Clearly, she was a Momma who has disposed of a pacifier before.

Park was ecstatic and despite several precious name suggestions from me, such as Pa Baby or Fluffy Love, he proudly announced that his new lovey would be called "Bubba Bunny!!!!"


And just like that, we left the store with Bubba (and his birth certificate) in hand. The fact that Bubba shared Park's birthday was icing on his little cake.

We headed out to the Highland Village Balloon Festival, where he proudly introduced Bubba to Grandma and Grandpa. And as we returned home that evening, Park and Bubba curled up for the night without so much as a protest. They held hands until morning.

And with the exception of one mention of Pa (more of a remembrance than asking for it), every night since then has been equally as smooth sailing.

At least for him. Like it or not, my precious Park is growing up.

We are so proud of you, Big Boy! (Welcome to the family, Bubba:)


Leanne said...


I'm a new reader and I came over from Kelly's Korner, where I shamelessly lurk.

I really like your blog. I bookmarked it and will be checking in with you frequently.

The pacifier story made me laugh and at the same time, sympathize with you! Don't pacifiers make life soooo much easier?! I know my 12 year old girl would have sucked hers till the cows came home had I not taken it away from her at 27 months old!

Anyway, I'd tell you my life story in this comment, but that would make it too long, and I do have a penchant for loooong comments....

Or I'd love to see you visit my blog sometime!

Take care and congratulations on your baby! Do you know what you're having??

Hope to see you over at my blog!


Heather said...

This is too funny! Connor's transition did not go as smoothly....but alas we survived it and have not looked back! Park is going to be SUCH a good big brother!

Autumn and Haley said...

Can't wait to meet Bubba...the name fits in nice w/ a family that has a "Hoss"

Anonymous said...

so absolutely precious i was laughing out loud. i, too, am having a HARD time w/my little men growing up WAAAYYYY too fast on me. may God bless you and your little family. hope you are feeling well.

Stephanie said...

"Would YOU like to suck it one more time?" I laughed out loud on that one. Good job letting go! ;)

Judy said...

Oh! My goodness! You make me laugh so hard sometimes Brittani, not to mention the fact that I shed a little tear at the thought of your dear little Park growing up.