Tuesday, November 27, 2007

For the Family

For all of you people out there related to me that have been patiently (ha-ha) waiting to see Chris' message from this weekend, WAIT NO MORE. Although the church was generous enough to provide us with DVD's to pass on to his "Family Fan Club", I thought it would be faster and easier to let you know that it is posted online until Dec. 2.

Click here to go directly to it. Our Senior Pastor does an intro, so don't think I've sent you to the wrong link when you see him instead of Chris at first.

(And of course any non-family members reading this are welcome to view it, as well)


Liz*** said...

My brother, Scott and his fam got to hear Chris preach live. They said he did great and also said that you were introduced and got to stand for the whole church to meet! Sorry I missed that!

Anonymous said...

Chris did such a great job and I loved that the pastor called you "hot people"!