Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Thankful Heart, a Big Win, and a Full Belly

Thanksgiving was a little different for our family this year.

Normally, we load up and head down to my sister and brother-in-law's lake house just outside of College Station. It is a central meeting point for family and most importantly, close proximity for all of us to go see our beloved Aggies whip up on those dreadful Longhorns in the most anticipated football game of the season. We also find time to ingest mass quantities of food and enjoy each other's company, while soaking up life outside city limits.

Thankfully our Aggies found a way to pull off a win without the presence of my family this year, though. After Chris was asked by our Sr. Pastor to preach the weekend after Thanksgiving, we moved the party to our house instead.

My parents, sister, brother-in law, nephews, cousin, in-law's, and even a few neighbors were able to join us. We were treated to seeing Pops celebrate his 6oth birthday by pretending to be a bucking bull, while throwing off grandchildren who squealed in dare devilish delight.

Watching Park and Krew repeatedly scream, "Down,Set,Hut...GO AGGIES!!!" in their 2-year-old voices, while dashing madly throughout the house with a football, was another highlight of the festivities.

Never mind that we were actually watching the Cowboys at that point.

And I must say that it was very enjoyable to forgo the enormous packing job that usually takes place before we travel out of town. Not to mention that watching the Aggie game from our living room afforded some of us the opportunity to scream at the television and throw things, as need be, in the privacy of our own home.

And although Chris still strokes out over Aggie play calling, he did turn over a new "feather" this Thanksgiving in respect to his culinary abilities. Helping our family join the ranks of the deep South by learning to deep fry our turkey this year, he was so proud of his creation that he could hardly stand it. I'm not sure he stopped smiling through the entire process. And knowing that I was not allowed to lay a finger on the pre-cooked, foul creature left me giddy, as well.

As an added bonus, he was able to display his new found expertise twice in one week, since we also had a Thanksgiving gathering with Chris' family the weekend before. Adults enjoyed spending precious time together, while the cousins played until they couldn't find the strength to play anymore.

And since I somehow felt the need to put my Christmas tree up around Halloween, it was very convenient to use as the backdrop for our newest and most dreaded Thanksgiving family tradition.

The Christmas Card Photo Op.

Although I had some serious doubts at first, our feeble attempt at posing 6 children, ages 5 and under, dressed in their matching flannel Christmas pajamas in 90 degree heat, somehow resulted in a beautiful photo.

As long as we aren't planning to mail them out to people who can SEE.

The really impressive part is that all the cousins are still alive and relatively in tact. Well, with the exception of Park's backside, which may have suffered a swat or two after shoving cousin #3 off the brick fireplace and onto the wood floor around picture attempt number 2,452.

All this to say, I'm once again reminded of how much I have to be thankful for this Holiday season. First and foremost, I have a loving Heavenly Father that gave His only Son, so that I could live with Him eternally. And as much as I loved the Aggie victory, that yummy deep-fried turkey, and the joy of time with family, they pale in comparison to an infinity with the One who loves me most.

I hope your Thanksgiving reminded you of the same.

And although I'm not exactly sure how I managed to fit football, fried turkey, rogue children, and a salvation message into the same post, let's just roll with it.


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Keri Campbell said...

Can you tell me what the above comment says? I don't speak Portuguese:)

Love You!


Anonymous said...

Do you have an extra DVD of Chris speaking at the main service? I'm so proud of him. That is HUGE! I can't say I would be able to speak to 17,000 people without puking:)


Anonymous said...

The Christmas card photo is always a disaster around our house. I keep thinking that as the kids get older, surely it will get better. So far, no luck! Your story made me crack up because I relate all too well.

Kelly (in Washington)