Monday, November 12, 2007

The Price I was Willing to Pay

*Warning: If you are the type of person who is upset that the radio is already playing Christmas music, this post might very well send you over the edge.

It started out very innocently.

Bridget reluctantly asked me to join her and Sarah on a trip to a wholesale store that was opening its doors to the public for a Christmas extravaganza. In all fairness, they were hesitant to allow me to accompany them because they have known me long enough to realize I don't have the shopping stamina it takes for such an outing.

In fact, I vividly remember taking a trip to Canton (a flea market on steroids) with both Bridget and Sarah several years back where I ended up sitting down in an open field begging for mercy.

"Please just leave me here. I can't go a step further. If you force me to look at one more thing it might send me into a Sensory Overload Induced Coma!" I pleaded, hoping that my creative medical terminology would sway them to take pity on me.

Exchanging looks of disgust, they reminded me that we had only been there an hour and I had nothing to show for it. Not to mention we had driven 2 hours just to get there and planned to "stay 'til our cars couldn't fit our packages." Then and there they promised I would never get a shopping invite again.

But this time, I somehow made the cut. Quite possibly because they have both had children that have eaten up all their memory capability since the Canton Disaster, but either way, I was in.

However, after Sarah had to cancel last minute, I believe Bridget feared the trip might be a wash. After all, she was forced into shopping with the same girl who believed simply having a Christmas tree was going "all out". This does not impress people like my mom, sis and Bridget who believe holiday decorating is not complete until every inch of house partakes in the festivity.

Boy, did I surprise everyone, myself included.

Upon entering the Christmas haven of beauty, it was as if something or someone took over my body. Surrounded by endless rows of designer ornaments, beautifully woven ribbon, and insane amounts of sparkly goodness, I was ready and able to endure the shopping marathon. No more sitting the bench for this girl, I was in the game. Once I caught the vision of the transformation that needed to happen in my holiday decor, there was no stopping me.

Bridget created a monster.

So much so, that in my living room, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree currently resides.

Let's just take a moment to let that fully sink in.

Still 2 weeks to go until Thanksgiving, and yet my house already holds massive volumes of Christmas cheer. And as if that weren't enough, Chris, Park and I spent Friday night scouring the town for a second tree that can hold all sentimental ornaments. In my new-found holiday decorating obsession, all homemade ornaments or those with the ugly factor have been banished to a separate existence.

As it turns out, I'm not only an overly-anxious decorator, but an ornament snob, as well.

And although I had some serious reservations about bringing in so many sparkly items that would require mass quantities of cleaning due to extreme glitter shed, Bridget dismissed such notions with a flick of her hand.

"That's a price you've just got to be willing to pay," she explained.

Considering I've still got over a month left for possible Christmas decor additions.....

Well, let's just say , if Sensory Overload Induced Comas do, in fact, exist, you may want to steer clear of our house until the New Year.


Emilie McDowell said...

I love that style of tree. Where was the store and are they still opened to the public! Love ya! Em

Kelly @ Love Well said...

That tree is GORGEOUS. I try not to be an ornament-snob (which is why I don't visit Christmas shopping extravaganzas), but surely that tree doesn't deserve to have the riff-raff hanging out with its luscious glittery decor. You made the right decision.

Merry Christmas!

Ann said...

What a beautiful tree, and now is the time to enjoy it because pretty soon you'll be soooooo busy with all the holiday "busyness" that you probably won't be able to enjoy it as much!!

David Campbell said...

Email me and tell me where you girls went!
We have THREE trees! I can't wait to put them ALL up this year in our new home.We have a sentimental tree as well. It holds all the handmade ornaments David and I made as children, and now the ones the kids are making. Oh, wait, we have FIVE trees because each child has one for their room:)
I need to go to this warehouse, RIGHT NOW!!!
Your mantel looks great too!!
Love you!!

Sun said...

oh wow - that is beautiful! My girls are BEGGING to put up the tree - this is our first year with I might go ahead and do it. They will be SO happy! Sunshine

Loren said...

Sure, you can add us to your blogroll. I think I can relate to your former distaste for shopping. I was at Canton last weekend with a bunch of girls, and we brought an extra car for the non-shopping enthusiasts. Three of us were heading back to the car after 3 hours. An hour or so of that was spent waiting in line for lunch and then leisurely eating our lunch! At least a half hour was spent waiting in line for the restroom. Thankfully we had spent the night nearby at one of the girl's family lakehouse, or that would have been a total waste of gas!


Chrys and Mike said...

Funny post. You're such a gifted writer.

Shopping just makes me tired.

I'm adding your link on our blog right now...


The Other Half said...

(husband)---what have I married?
(wife)---I promise I told you all of this before we got married...
(husband)---prophetic vision...this could get OUT OF already has.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Love your zest for Christmas. We have also started. I think we must have gone to a million stores so far for orniments and things.


Amanda said...

Your tree is gorgeous!

Embracing my cup said...

Judging by your tree, I would say it was money well spent.

Beautiful tree, Britani!

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

No, I haven't forgotten. I was only a couple of weeks away from having Caiden, and we sat down together. :)

And I had to come here to see it with my own eyes. B told me about it, but I just didn't believe it.

Wow. :)

Janice King said...

Your tree looks so good Brittany. You are inspiring me to buy a tree!!LOL. We have been treeless for the last couple of years since ours broke. This is the year for a tree! We are praying for Prater this week.

Looking forward to the talk!:)