Monday, November 19, 2007

The Not So Greatest Show on Earth

A few weeks ago, Park and I sat outside on the patio in a deep discussion.

"Park, what do you want to be when you grow up?" I asked. I half expected he might say a fireman, since he loves the lights and sounds of firetrucks. Or perhaps a construction worker based on his obsession with all the "worker men" that continue to build new homes in our neighborhood. I also would not have been surprised if he had said pastor, since he daily tells me he wants to "work at church like Daddy."

However, his response caught me off guard. With his sweet little forehead scrunched up deep in thought, he replied, "Well, I probably be a clown, Mommy."


Now, as a former admissions counselor and teacher, I firmly believe it is never too early to educate through the exploration of career options. Therefore, when I heard the circus was coming to town, I knew this was my chance to put my money where my mouth was.

Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted outside the gates by Peppy the Clown. And equally as quickly, Park changed career paths. It seems that Peppy was a little too, well, peppy. In an attempt to share his zest for life with Park, Peppy smiled his huge clown smile and screamed out, "Howdy, Little Man!"

Park screamed, as well, but his sounded more like this... "NO NO NO NO SCARY CLOWN! I Not Like Clowns! Help Me, Hold Me, Daddy!"

See what I mean about the importance of options?

Thankfully the show was a bigger hit than the clowns. His little eyes danced in amazement as elephants pranced around and stood on their hands. He watched, mesmerized, as the lions and tigers dutifully followed orders and acrobats performed death defying stunts with no safety net. It was a magical night for a two year old.

And fortunately, Park's parents were able to watch the show through his eyes, as well.

Because if we would have used our own eyes, Chris and I would have seen a scantily clad Delana the Delightful Dog Trainer prancing her 10 "fabulous" animals around, while one lone pup performed all the tricks. And we would have gotten some good laughs at how the climax of the music seemed to peak about 5 seconds before the tricks actually took place.

We may have also recognized that the animals were better trained than the people. Plus, we would have felt really sad for the poor acrobat that performed an unplanned solo as her fellow compadres did a portion of the routine she had forgotten.

But any way you look at it, it was an evening filled with precious memories that none of us would trade for a million bucks. Which, ironically, was the same price we paid for a corndog. And as an added bonus, Park discovered another interesting career option.

"I be a pony and give rides when I big, Mommy!"

Looks like we'll be buying tickets when the rodeo comes our way.


Anonymous said...

Parker is as sweet as can be. I can not find your e-mail.. here is my new one. I would love to catch up.
Oh and Jacob wants to be a race car driver. I am not very excited about that one:)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how much better things are through the eyes of a child?

LOve, RAchel in Cali

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Too funny! I agree that clowns can be a little creepy at times! Cute pictures of you and Park.

Miss you guys!