Thursday, January 24, 2008

Answers: The End

Here is the final batch of Questions (go here if you are lost), answered in no particular order. Thank you to everyone who participated and for everyone else that had the tenacity to stick it out. Based on the lengthiness of the post I'm setting before you, that perseverance will serve you well.

"Anonymous" remembered me mentioning a difficult break up from a long term college boyfriend in this post and wanted to know any advice I might have to help ease her pain while she is experiencing a similar situation.

First and foremost, let me just say how sorry I am you are going through this. I have such a soft spot for young girls facing break ups from a first love. And regardless of how much I tell you that God's future is better than the past you are leaving behind, in no way do I want to belittle the pain you are currently experiencing.

My advice would be to cling to God's promises. Let your grief drive you into the arms of your Heavenly Father by using this unexpected time of singleness to study His Word like you never have before. Get involved in a church if you aren't already and if you are, surround yourself with Godly people who are living out their faith. I can honestly say that God had the best plan in mind for me and I'm so thankful that he used that pain to refine my walk and change the course of my journey with both Him and my husband. It was in that heartache that I learned that nothing and no one can fill the place of The Almighty in your life and because of that, Chris and I had a much less difficult transition into marriage. Hang in there, sweet girl, God is just getting started with you!

Tonya wanted to know how I met my husband.

After the aforementioned break up, I moved to Dallas for a fresh start and saturated my life with church involvement. I began co-leading a singles home team, which was equivalent to a large Bible study and accountability group of friends to do life with. After about 6 months, I felt God was moving me to volunteer in youth ministry instead, but I STRONGLY resisted the call.

My reasons were simple. I was a single woman hoping to meet a Godly man and I felt "the odds" were much more in my favor if I stayed as a volunteer leader in singles instead of inundating myself with Friday night football and teenagers. Isn't that sad how we sometimes put God in a box with our limited view and understanding of His power? We try to orchestrate and manipulate situations to "help" Him work out our lives instead of relying on His all knowing wisdom. Ultimately, I succumbed to His leading because I knew in my heart that I wanted His will for my life over my own plan.

Even if that meant being a single gal destined to a life of chaperoning high school proms alone.

But God has a wonderful sense of humor. The same day I took the leap of faith to resign from singles and began volunteering in our church's high school ministry was also Chris' first day on staff in that same ministry. We met when my small group of girls migrated us over to his small group of guys and then miraculously all disappeared, thus leaving me alone in the presence of a man I fell head over heels for. You better believe those same girls were at our wedding a year and a half later, patting themselves on the back for some serious matchmaking skills.

Stacy T. is the wife of a youth pastor at a small church and wanted to know if I find my role as a wife to a youth pastor of a large church more challenging.

I would have to say that regardless of the size of the church, being a youth pastor is a job filled with heavy responsibility. Much like anyone in youth ministry, Chris' role as the Sr. High Pastor at a "mega church" is still to share the truth with a lost generation and to show Christ's love with students who are currently in a critical point in life. Although he has a larger staff and possibly more of a managerial role than if he were at a smaller church, the end result is still the same. That said, I can't imagine that my role in being his wife and helpmate in this journey is more or less challenging than anyone else's. And it helps that we both LOVE what God has chosen for us and feel called to be exactly where we are.

April's question was if I remembered meeting her and was I an English major.

April, of course, I remember. You are a dear friend of my sister-in-law that I had the privilege to meet many months ago. I love meeting new people and even if I do happen to forget names, I hardly EVER forget a face and I will drive myself insane until I place how we know each other. In fact, I actually ran into someone in Barnes and Noble the other day that I had never met before, but recognized from reading their blog. Thankfully, she recognized me, as well, so it wasn't quite as stalkerish when I introduced myself and knew the names of her children.

The second part of the question (about was I an English major) fits nicely with the second part of Stacy T.'s other question about what jobs I had before being a stay-at-home Mommy.

Actually, I graduated with a Journalism degree, mainly because I knew I loved to write and hated Accounting. Which can be a slight problem when you are a Business major, like I was, for 3 long years. But, truthfully, I really didn't have much of a clue what I actually wanted to do with either degree anyway.

Upon college graduation, I spent a year being an Admissions Counselor for Texas A & M, traveling to high schools all over the state, giving presentations and seminars about college preparation, while reading college admissions essays for days on end. I loved the job, but needed a LIFE. So, I moved to Dallas and worked as a Public Relations Specialist for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, which is an absolutely AMAZING place. I did a lot of writing/coordinating for their magazines, newsletters, calendars, and brochures, as well as event planning. After meeting Chris and getting more involved with students, though, I soon realized that teaching high school English would be a much better fit for me, and I did that until resigning when Park was born.

Sharon wanted to know the wall color in Park's playroom.

It is actually a mix of colors, so I typed the code below. After seeing it on a friend's wall, I stole it without a second glance. She is an artist and the mastermind behind the creation, so I must give credit where credit is due. I LOVE the color because, although it actually has some dark brown tones to it, it can appear gray or even slightly purplish. Do I sound as uneducated as I really am when it comes to artistic lingo?


C Yellow Oxide 1 28 0
B Lamp Black 3 6 0
I Brown Oxide 1 24 0

Congrats on the accomplishment of actually making it through the entire post, my bloggity friends! And with that, "Answers" has officially come to an end.


Kelly said...

I loved your story about meeting you husband because a. it's so sweet and b. it's so true - I try to tell single girls all the time that there is nothing they can do to "make a husband happen" - it won't work unless God is in control. I used to strategically pick churches and where to sit in church, etc based on where i "thought" I would meet a husband rather than following God's will for my life. It's funny how little we think God is capable of sometimes.

Stacy T. said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Loved the response, as well.

Lisa said...

Thanks for taking the time to share. Enjoyed getting to hear your insight.

jen said...

also a wife of a youth pastor-
i think it is indeed a "job filled with heavy responsibilty" it's amazing how many "write off" youth ministers and forget how passionately they also serve Christ in student's ever changing,ever challenging lives-
love reading your blog...when i get the chance now that our little guy is here with us...