Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Last One to Bed is a Rotten Egg (in the morning)

As I stare at this computer screen, I'm realizing that it is 11:59 PM on Jan 2, and yet I'm already breaking one of my New Year's Resolutions. I knew when I made it that I was probably once again setting myself up for failure, yet I clung to some glimmer of hope that maybe this year would be different and I would actually start going to bed at a reasonable time.

But, hi, my name is Brittani and I'm a Nightowlaholic.

Asking me to go to bed early is like asking Miley Cyrus not to be Hannah Montana. Well, other than the fact that I would actually GAIN sleep whereas she would just LOSE millions.

And really, I wish I had some fabulous reason that I am staying up so late, or some brilliant post to show for my sleep deprivation, at the very least. But instead, it just boils down to many random thoughts and a scary glimpse inside my brain. Without further ado, here is what is currently keeping me awake:

Today I was out and about, running errands with Park, and was stopped in my tracks by something I saw. How is it that I have yet to take down my Christmas decorations, but retailers feel this is the opportune time to reintroduce swimsuits? It is currently 22 degrees outside in TEXAS of all places, so who exactly is feeling the need for a new bikini? Well, that was a bad example because regardless of the temperature, what person in their right mind feels the need for a bikini in general?

Which then jogs my brain back to a trip we once took 150 students on many years ago. The 8th graders were crossing over into high school and to celebrate their right of passage, the student ministry planned a weekend getaway to a large water park near San Antonio.

Apparently some of the female students did not get the "one piece/tankini only memo" and Bridget and I were somehow voted by part of the ministry staff (AKA our husbands) into taking the position of Swim Suit Nazi's. We had the unfortunate job of informing these lovely young ladies of the inappropriateness of their swimming attire. And let's just say that 14 year old girls don't take kindly to being asked to "please change or wear a colored T-shirt" over their fashionable leopard-print bikinis.

Which then leads me into thinking about how I'll have to wear my leopard headband to run errands tomorrow to cover up how dirty my hair really is. I knew I needed to wash it tonight, but I somehow got sidetracked by watching the Supernanny. Something about hearing her say naughty stool in her precious British accent just draws me in every time. Tonight was the season premiere and boy did she stick it to some parents. Truth be told, they were deserving of a good reprimand, but after becoming a parent I'm now more reluctant to scream, "What is WRONG with you people??!!", without walking in their shoes.

Which then reminds me that Park is due a new pair of shoes. His feet are growing at warp speed and if they continue to expand at this rate, he will be able to wear my shoes next month. He definitely takes after his daddy in the big foot area. Really in all areas.

Including that they both wake up way too early for my taste, although I'm reluctant to complain too much since Park is FINALLY back to his semi reasonable wake time pre-Daylight Savings. And usually what I consider crack of dawn works out wonderfully because they get to spend their mornings together while I sleep in until Chris leaves for work. But, tomorrow, Chris is going in early and I am on Park duty.

Which then reminds me that I need to stop with the random post and just go to bed already.


Kelly said...

I hear ya'! I was up at midnight last night, worrying about how grumpy I was going to be in the morning, but stayed up anyway-ugh!
At least the girls waited until 7:20 to climb in bed with me.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I used to be a Night Owl.

Then I gave birth to my son, who unfortunately, inherited his mother's tendency to get a huge burst of energy around 10:00 PM.

That forced me to change my ways. Now I have to go to bed to convince him to go to bed.

God and his sense of humor....

Lori said...

I think I remember that trip and I will always remember everyone laughing at me when I thought Chris was Dustin, oops!

I also watched Supernanny last night and I was disgusted to see that the parents had their teenage girls raising their boys. That was awful!!!

Love the randomness, b/c that's how my brain works and I always go back to my night owlness when schools out. I can't function as a teacher if I try to do that during school.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I agree with you on all fronts...
going to bed, Supernanny, etc.

And I too have been the swimsuit nazi, and it's not for the weary.