Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Answers: Round 2

Here is another hodge podge (spelling?) round of answers without a creative introduction. I'm certain you are still reeling from the disappointment that I did not get a chance to post them yesterday. Never fear, this one is lengthy enough to make up for two days worth of rambling reading material.

Tyna asked my favorite color and what my perfect day would look like.

Oddly enough, I'm not 100% sure what my favorite color is. My whole life, I have loved blue, but as an adult rusty orange and browns have stolen my heart, as well. I'm a sucker for fall colors and earthy tones. How's that for a vague answer?

As for my perfect day it would definitely start with sleeping in. I would want Chris and Park to wake me by coming to snuggle up with me in bed, while reading books or just laughing and enjoying each other. Next, I'd head out for a massage and maybe lunch with the girls. I'd come home for some more quality time with my men and after putting Park to bed and having a grandparent babysit, Chris and I would sneak out for a late movie and then stay up talking into the wee hours of the morning. Another scenario would be a day in my PJ's, curled up by the fire with a great book. Of course, I also love the beach and sunshine, so the possibilities are really endless.

Now back to reality because Deidre wants to know what a typical day in my house looks like.

Most mornings consist of Chris and Park eating breakfast together and reading books or watching Mickey Mouse Club, while I grab an extra hour of sleep. Praise the Lord for a husband who LOVES morning. Especially since He "blessed" me with a child that wakes up raring to go when the sun comes up.

After Chris heads off to work, I get us both dressed for the day and then we usually play together for a bit. Next, we do some chores around the house together, AKA make beds, laundry, dishes, and so on. Park is very much into assisting me and sometimes that is more "helpful" than others. But, in fairness, I did pray for him to be a hard worker when he gets older, and clearly the Lord is answering that one diligently.

Next comes lunch, followed by lots of book reading, rocking, singing, and hopefully a very long nap. After nap, which usually is NOT long, we play and read more books. At some point in the afternoon he usually plays in his room for about 45 minutes, while I intermittently squeeze in a phone call to mom and sis, return email,work on any projects I need to do child free, or blog. Around 4 PM my little helper and I cook dinner. Eventually he loses interest and does play dough or colors at the kitchen table while I finish slaving over a hot stove. And on the other 6 nights a week that I don't cook, I color with him.

Relax, I'm kidding. I don't even like to color.

Even though Chris loves to and does a better job of it, I try and cook at least 3 nights during the weekdays. Mainly because I'm a homemaker, for crying out loud, and surely that means I should have some domestic capability of sorts.

And then we enter into what I call the "dark hour". You know, the one where your kids have played with every toy they own, destroyed everything you picked up during their nap, and exhausted all their creative capabilities, as well as your quotient of patience for that day and yet their is still a full 60 min. before The Reinforcement arrives. It's as if the clock is taunting you.

In weather unlike what we are experiencing right now, we usually play outside or go for a walk at this point, but lately we've just read lots of books instead.

After giving you that lengthy run down, I must qualify it by saying that is our schedule about 2 days a week. The other two days, we use the mornings for things such as Grandma's art classes, play dates, the library, my Bible study at church, or running general errands. Friday is Chris' day off, when we do something fun as a family. How's that for more information than you never wanted to know?

Mom22boyz wants to know how we picked Park's name.

Chris and I are those odd people that picked out future children's names on our honeymoon and actually stuck to it. We both loved one syllable names for a boy because we thought it sounded strong. Since we didn't find out the sex of our baby ahead of time (which drove Sarah and Bridget nuts, by the way), we even discussed keeping Park as the name for a girl or boy. We knew we wanted a P name because our last name starts with that and my sister and I, somehow along the way, had decided on starting a tradition of double initialed children because we like to make things difficult on ourselves. (With sons named Krew and Kage, can you take a wild guess at the letter her last name starts with?) Anyway, Park was the result and we chose Ryland as the middle name because that is a family name on my side.

And to answer Raenette's question, we do want another child at some point, who will also have a P name. So keep me in mind if you have some good ones that start with that letter. I'm always open to creative suggestions, although I fully reserve the right not to use any of them:)

Well, that concludes round two of All About Me. Tomorrow I'll be back with a 3rd (and hopefully) final day of answers. Because I don't know about you, but, frankly, I'm sick of hearing about myself.

On that note, I'm off to read YOUR blogs.


Amy said...

I laughed out loud at the cooking/coloring comment! I don't like to color either...or cook for that matter. :)
I'm enjoying reading all the questions and answers!

Deidre said...

Brittani, my husband used to let me sleep in also when I had only 1 child. Man! You made me miss that time. I love sleep and don't get nearly enough of it.

Cooking/coloring cracked me up. Love that.

I actually only cook 3 days a week, but have left overs or take out the others. I don't enjoy cooking enough to pull something together every night.

Thanks for posting this. I've enjoyed learning how other Mom's days are.

Mom22Boyz said...

I love the "P's". My husband is Chris so we chose to do "C" names. Kind of leaves me behind -- or unique as I like to think of it! Kind of like being the only girl. My girlfriend had two boys and loved being the Princess of her home!
I too hate to cook and try to find lots of reasons not to! My latest excuse was completely forgetting to put my thawing roast back into the refrigerator and not seeing it on the counter until the next day!!
Thanks for all the insight into you!!

fullheartandhands mama said...

It's fun having a glimpse into another's day. I know all about the "dark" hour. Fun, fun. Off to read your first post of answers.

Embracing my cup said...

I don't know why, but I LOVE knowing other stay-at-home mom's schedules. I guess it is just fun to hear how other people do it. We, like you all, have routines that flucuate with various activities throughout the week. Oh, the joys of motherhood!

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing your life with the rest of us! oh yes, cooking with a toddler is sooooo much fun, too. Try it in a year or 2 when he is preschool age -- it gets even more exciting!

Anonymous said...

i love the "dark hour" comment -- especially because I just really didn't have a name for it at our house. that works, so i'll go with that!!

i really have enjoyed this fun question and answer session! thanks for being so open and fun to read about!