Monday, January 14, 2008

One Foot in the Grave and Another on the Chandelier

Being healthy is something you often take for granted until you are sick.

We are blessed with very little illness in our household. We typically follow a high fruits and vegetable, low sugar diet. Well, minus an occasional plate of cookies that Sarah and Bridget sometimes force down my throat are kind enough to bake me. And Chris has been known to throw down some serious ice cream. However, that said, you won't find much sugary goodness in our pantry on a regular basis.

But before you peg us as the picture of self control, I must confess that we don't buy it because we know we would eat it if it was there.

In a matter of minutes.

So, more for our immune systems than our waistlines, we try to maintain a lifestyle that aids in keeping us as infrequent visitors of our doctor's office. Combine that with Chris' ability to ward off any pending illness by simply sleeping for 10 hours straight, and now you understand why he has not taken any medication since I have known him.

Not even a Tylenol, folks.

So, when he came down with a high fever and deep congestion last Sunday, I was certain that with a little rest he would be well by the next day. And even after Monday came and went, I was not yet concerned. Tuesday rolled around and I started to think this bug was the real deal, but changed my mind when he felt much better on Wednesday and Thursday. However, after finding my high energy hubby passed out on the couch at 1 in the afternoon on Friday, I took matters into my own hands.

Between Chris' mystery fever and Park's nagging cough that he hasn't quite been able to shake, I decided it was time to call in the big guns. I squeezed them both in for last minute appointments with our General Family Practitioner. And when Chris asked me to drive, I suddenly feared he might be on his way to meet Jesus. In almost 6 years of marriage, Chris has only been my passenger once.

And that was in a parking lot.

The man was some kind of sick. Following Flu tests and talk of walking pneumonia, I was relieved that the final diagnosis was a severe case of bronchitis gone bad, coupled with some sheet rock inhalation that happened while he was remodeling his office. Poor Park ended up with this:

And his very first round of antibiotics due to some fluid getting in his right lung. Turns out that pesky little cough with no other symptoms was a tad more serious than I gave it credit for.

With Chris half dead and me run down, we were thrilled to find that the medicine in Park's breathing treatment "may cause hyper behavior". And because Park is Park, that basically should have read "will cause toddler to hang from chandelier and require zero sleep, all while singing at the top of his fluid filled lungs for hours on end."

Which in turn had me contemplating a call the doctor's office to see if I could get a hit of that breathing treatment myself, just to survive the weekend.

But on the up side, we discovered that Park seems to have his dad's eye for photography. While we were all sidetracked by silly things like listening to the Dr.'s diagnosis, Park was evidently busy seeing the artistic value in the experience. I found these picture on my camera as proof:

Thankfully, everyone is FINALLY on the mend and at least for today, I'm not taking our good health for granted. I'm also not taking for granted the fact I have a girl's night out planned with Sunni and Keri later in the week. I'm in need of some good laughs and great conversation.

And even though Sunni has an excellent voice and a blog named "The Flying Mum", I feel pretty confident that neither of them will be singing at the top of their lungs while swinging from the chandelier.

And that will be a welcome change.

But then again, that WOULD make for some good laughs and great conversation.


David Campbell said...

May I just say that my dad bought our family a fancy karaoke machine for Christmas? AND, my sister-in-law has enough CDs to fill up a binder...Since laughter is the best medicine, singing from the top of my lungs may be the best medicine you have ever taken my friend:)
Can't wait to see you!

Mom22Boyz said...

I do hope you all get to feeling better soon! It's no fun to be sick and especially no fun when your baby is sick! Just hold out for that Girl's Night Out! I went last night and had Sushi for the first time -- talk about wild and crazy!!

Kelly said...

So glad you are all on the mend!

A girl's night out will be just what the Dr. ordered after a week of sickness in the house- have fun!

Lori said...

Taylor had an asthma attack early Mon. morning and is doing breathing treatments plus extra doses of steroids. I swear she's like a monster. She reaches a point where she has no control of her emotions. It's scary!!!!