Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just for you


Today, on your birthday, there are several things I want you to know. And although I've told you many times throughout the years, there truly are not enough words to reflect the impact you've made on my life.

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of specific things you did to make me feel special. Whether it was making pancakes that spelled out my name, taking the time to delicately work my hair into "10 braids", staying up into the wee hours to help me when I procrastinated until the night before the spelling bee to learn any words, or simply listening intently to my long winded stories, you made me feel valued and important. One of the greatest gifts you have given me as a woman is self-esteem and confidence.

You never belittled what I was feeling. EVER. You cried with me for my hurts even when you must have known how insignificant they were against the backdrop of my life. You gave me perspective on disappointments, but did it in a way that showed the utmost concern and compassion for what I was experiencing in that moment. You spoke words of life and encouragement straight to my heart, opening up a world of victory for my future. And when those victories knocked on my door, you celebrated with me with as much enthusiasm as if they were your own.

I have countless memories of you reading your Bible and praying fervently on our behalf. But what made the greatest impact, was having a front row seat to how you lived it out. I watched you and Dad cling to the Lord in good and bad times, praising Him equally for both. I watched you show the same grace and mercy to those who had plenty as to those in great need. I wanted to be just like you, desperate for whatever it was that made you different from so many others. Because of you, I found Christ.

In my teenage years, you were not only interested in me, but those Challi and I were interested in. You ministered to everyone who stepped foot through the doorway of our home. And so many of our high school friends know the Lord because of you.

As I matured into a young adult, you found the perfect balance in holding me closely while letting me go. You equipped me throughout the journey, giving me the confidence to find my own way when the time came. And just when I thought I had the best possible relationship with you that a mother and daughter could have, I experienced you as the Lolli to my son. Seeing you love Park, oh, the unspeakable joy!

I know you aren't perfect, but you model Jesus to me. There is a tenderness in you that I so admire. Thank you for teaching me how to be a woman of God, loving others so much more than yourself. Thank you for pouring yourself into my life and the lives of those I love. And how could I end this post without putting the one thing you like to see most on my blog?:

Happy Birthday, Mom!!! We love you.


Autumn said...

Happy Birthday, Becky! Love you!


Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful! My desire is that my daughters would be able to say these same things to me, as adults. I'm sure your mother could have no greater gift than reading these words.

Anonymous said...

You and your family are so precious to me. You have taught me to love and know just a small portion of how God feels about each of His children.Thank you for being you and showing your child just a bit of how much God loves him. I love you! I am greatful for your feelings toward me, but always remember that mistakes are made and you only measure yourself as a mom by doing YOUR best with God's help each new day. Love, MOM

raenette said...

That totally made me cry and I am NOT much of one. Happy Birthday Mrs. Laborde!!!!

Kelli said...

What a beautiful post to your mom! I hope that Caroline says those same things about me one day!

Cindi said...

Happy Birthday Becky! We love you and I also thank you for the blessing of the most wonderful daughter in law.
She is so precious to us.
Cindi, Jim, Riley & Jake

Becoming Me said...

I so hope that I will be known as this type of mother. Beautiful post. Happy birthday to your tender and loving mother. And what a cute picture to gift to her!