Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Birthday Girl!

*REVISED: Thank you for all the birthday well wishes and a special thanks to my hubby for his loving words on this blog. My birthday was wonderful! (I'll share more details in a post later this week.)

Today is a special day in our household.

Numero uno, my wife's birthday is today! Dos, I get the privilege of posting on this prestigious blog. Of course I'm posting because I want the world to know how special my lovely wife is. (However, if you've read this blog much, I'm assuming you already figured that out.) As you peek into her world everyday, I wanted to hit the pause button and ask you to celebrate her life with me today.

I would submit the age, but I fear that would lead to immediate banishment from posting on this blog in the to ensure that I have this opportunity again...she is turning 28! Happy 28th babe! You look stunning!

Britt, I love you and treasure every moment with you. Thank you for letting me ambush your blog today...(this is such a weird thing to do knowing that many people we've never even met will be reading this.) I adore your gentle touch with Park, your passion for family and your drive to pursue the heart of God. It's my desire to continually see you developed and shaped into the woman God intends you to be. You are a remarkable person with a sensitive heart and intuitive spirit. You are my best friend and trusted confidant. Thank you for sharing the journey with me. Park and I look forward to this next year with you as wife and mother. Happy Birthday!

As mentioned previously, with my wife's permission, I will be stopping in ever so often to post The Man's Point of View...guy things...hubby items. You know, things like yard work, building projects, cars, fishing, money and of course faith. Recently, our son has popularized the statement, "Just the BOYS!" With that, Park and I will soon deliver a JUST THE BOYS post that will make every mom grin or grit their teeth!

From the boys...we love you mommy/wife and wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Park and Hubby


Autumn said...

What up?? So glad to finally see you on the blog, G. Did you get the "special present" I told Park to give you? :D I'm seriously the best sistah evah!

Britt, love you and have a wonderful...28th...but wait I thought you and I were the same age...hmmm...birthday!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday Brittani!!! I hope it's great.

KirkKrew said...

Happy Birthday Brittani! I hope you had a great day! ;)

KirkKrew said...

Happy Birthday Brittani! I hope you had a great day! ;)

Becoming Me said...

What a sweet, sweet message. Happy Birthday Brittani!

raenette said...

Happy birthday,britt! Do you still celebrate for the whole week? I still do especially since I am the only chick in this house too!

I hope that you have another great year of life ahead of you. You are a sweet person and after reading your stories and life experiences, I look back and have see how much of a Godly women you have become. I am blessed to know you.


Ingram Gang said...

Happy Birthday! You ARE amazing!!!

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Brittani! I don't post, I just lurk, but I absolutely love your blog! You keep everything so biblical and you are SOOO funny! The love you have for your son and everyone around you, uncluding the Lord, just exudes from every word you write. Tell dear hubby I enjoy hearing from him too:)

Mom22Boyz said...

Happy Birthday Brittani!! What a sweet, sweet husband you have! Hope your day was awesome!

David Campbell said...

Brittani!!! I thought it was TODAY!! I hope your day was super special. I know it was if you got to spend it with your boys. Love you friend!!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!!