Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Place of Change

I just realized that I never got around to posting about my birthday activities. And since I've made a reputation for myself as someone who celebrates her birthday MONTH, it really doesn't make all that much difference that I'm a week late in doing so.

Chris and Park did a great job of making me feel special. I was treated to a dinner and a movie, followed by a round of present opening. But, perhaps the most meaningful thing we did on my birthday involved something that has been in the works for the last couple of years.

A visit to Allaso Ranch.

Allaso Ranch is the new camp facility our church is building. Chris and I have been deeply invested in this project because we believe in all the life change that will happen there. Providing the perfect environment of both refuge and recreation for the children and students of Fellowship Church, this camp will be a place where lives are altered forever.

Chris has been out several times throughout the building process, but this was the first time that Park and I, along with many of the Sr. High staff members, had the opportunity to experience it.

As we stood on the property, it was overwhelming to see the dream come to life. I was overcome by the magnitude, the scope of God's plan. At Allaso Ranch, the next generation will come to know Christ. Leaders will be developed. Future pastors, teachers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, businessmen and woman will give their life to the One who gave them theirs.

And those who already know Him will be strengthened and empowered to serve Him more passionately.

As we toured each portion of the facility we prayed fervently for every person that steps foot on those camp grounds, asking that no person leave the same as when they came. I teared up listening to Chris challenging his staff, saying, "It is humbling to know that God allowed us to be the first group of leaders to take students to this place of change. We cannot take this awesome of a responsibility lightly. He has empowered us to reach a lost generation and enabled us to use this camp to change the face of history. The question is are you ready to be used?"

As Park listened intently to his daddy, I heard the faintest little "Yes!" whispered from his sweet lips. I couldn't help but smile and imagine how God will indeed use Park in the years to come.

Of course this was moments before he threw one of the worker's tools off the balcony, bringing the daydream to an abrupt halt.

Thankfully, when we return to Allaso Ranch for the month of July, all the tools will be put away and the workers will be long gone. In their place will be hundreds of high school students ready to encounter the Lord. And right alongside those students will be hundreds of volunteers and staff ready to be used for His purpose.

And one mischievous 2-year-old who is fortunate enough to be immersed in it all. Well, minus any camp activities that take place on the balcony.

Sr. High Staff (and a thirsty Park)
Is there any water left in that cup?
Allaso Ranch Worship Center
This is only 1/3 of the kitchen!
Inside the Worship Center

Waterslide and Zip Lines
Lazy River

Inside Cabin

*These pictures don't even begin to do the camp justice. I have so many more to post, but at least this gives you an idea.


Autumn said...
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Anonymous said...

That is so exciting!

Dellielou said...

Wow wow wow! How amazing! And what an awesome thing to be involved in. I know God will bless this place abundantly!

Liz*** said...

Happy Birthday, Brit! Thanks for sharing the camp pictures with us. It looks amazing!

Michelle said...

That is an awesome looking camp! I think I would spend all day floating around in the lazy river!!

Anonymous said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! i can only wish i had experienced such an exciting camp growing up. i imagine that God will use it to do GREAT things!

happy birthday!

raenette said...

Ok so is this going to be a camp where youth from different churches come or what is the deal. I need info. It looks so awesome. I would love to pass this along if this is going to be a new "camp" thing for youth across texas or us or whatever. anyway,
It looks awesome and oh, how little children know so much more than we do. Their love for God and others is so pure and I just love the prophet nature in them!