Thursday, May 8, 2008

Brotherly Birthday Love

Anytime we've ever asked Park if he wants a little brother or sister, his response is always the same.

"No, just Kage."

Born just three weeks apart, we always suspected that Park would share a special bond with Krew. But, it seems he has fallen equally as hard for my sister's youngest son, as well.

And I'd have to say that judging from what a great baby he has been, I second the motion to steal him as our own.

Several weeks ago when we were at my parents' house, Challi, Lolli, and Krew ran an errand while Pops and I stayed back with a napping Park and Kage. When Park woke up and realized the situation, he told me, "Maybe I can be Kage's big brother while Krew is gone."

True to his status, when Kage awoke, Park was the first to greet him and make silly faces to elicit a belly laugh. When we all went outside, he had Pops take out the stroller so that he could push Kage up and down the driveway. (For the record, Kage delighted in the break neck speed his stand-in big brother provided.)

And later, when the dreaded poopie diaper reared it's ugly head, I thought Park would be sure to duck out of his brotherly duties. Oh my, how I underestimated my son.

"I can change him ALL BY MYSELF!" he exclaimed, confidently.

After reaching a compromise, we participated as a team to clean up the baby's bare bum. Park handed me wipes and dangled toys as incentive for Kage to stay on his back, while I did the dirty work.

However, at the last second, Park decided to usurp the system and take a swipe at wiping drool from Kage's mouth.

Which probably would have worked out just fine had he not used the same wipe that moments earlier had graced Kage's backside.

Can I just say that it's a wonder subsequent children survive?

Thankfully though, Challi had a sense of humor when I retold the story once she got home. She figured a little poop in the mouth was a small price to pay to have another "big brother" that loves him to pieces.

Easy for her to say, right Kage?

Oh sweet boy, what an accomplishment that you have made it to your first birthday!

You are so precious to your "brothers" and your aunt and uncle are pretty crazy about you, too. What joy you have added to the family, Kage Easton.

Happy 1st Birthday, Lil' Bit!


Anonymous said...

So sweet! Happy birthday, Kage.


Becoming Me said...

He is darling. Sweet photos and I love all the names.

raenette said...
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raenette said...

Happy Birthday little man! Cute kiddoes you Laborde girls have!

David Campbell said...

NO WAY! I can not believe that he is ONE! Happy Birthday sweet boy!!


Ingram Gang said...

That is really sweet. I cannot believe Park is so big. I would love to see him and hear all of these intelligent sentences he speaks.
I just love blogs!