Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dance Revolution

Yesterday I realized something wonderful: tomorrow night is the season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance.

Now although I realize how insignificant this may be in the grand scheme of things, a deep excitement welled up in my heart. Had I not been holding a huge basket of laundry in my hands at the moment I happened to glance up at the TV and see the advertisement, I would have broken out with my own version of Michael Jackson's Thriller routine.

Well, actually the laundry didn't hold me back as much as realizing that I would probably need a chiropractor after such a performance. And it probably goes without saying that if you are folding the clothes of your child, you might be too old to be getting this excited about a teeny bopper dance show.

Have I mentioned my deep LOVE for dance? So much so, that I begged my mom to let me start taking ballet with my sister at the ripe old age of 2. And I continued to do so for the next eleven years until cheerleading came along. And when I realized that cheerleaders throw people into the air a lot more than they dance, I traded it in for drill team.

Although I loved high kicks, Friday night football performances, and competitions, the Raiderette Review was by far my favorite event of the year. Similar to that of a recital or spring show, it was a time where we got to not only choreograph all kinds of different styles of dance routines, but perform them in front of sold out audiences, as well.

However, before you have me off dancing on Broadway or in the NYC Ballet, let's remember I'm from small town America. "Sold out performances" translates to Aunt Jenny, who changed your diaper when you were 10 months, wants to be there to support you and she brought her friends Shirley and Earl along with their 4 kids.

But a girl can dream, right?

Tomorrow night, I'll be living vicariously through some incredibly talented dancers. And since it is the try-out portion of the show, I feel certain I'll also be hiding my face in embarrassment for others who should not dance in the privacy of their own homes, much less national television.

Either way, I'll be in great company. One of my girlfriends is hosting a So You Think You Can Dance viewing party and it will be nothing short of the must not miss event of the year. This particular friend is so funny that I have to save up laughs for a month before I can be in her company. Her commentary is sure to be better than the show itself.

And judging from the fun loving group of gals I'll be sharing the experience with, it is inevitable that someone will bust out the Thriller routine before we call it a night.

Better give my chiropracter a heads up.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like my idea of fun!!


Anonymous said...

HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this post! you are SO funny and your posts ALWAYS make me laugh out loud. i'll be looking for one of those parties in my circle of friends. . . or maybe i just need to host one myself!!

Amy said...

I love, love, love this show! I am so excited!! I also danced growing up and I feel the same way about living vicariously through them. Oh, and through my 3 year old daughter who feels right at home in a pink tutu.

Lori said...

Oh Brittani I have been excited for the past week since I realized it was this Thurs. You know I love this show. I am so excited that it is back. I'm also jealous that your going to a fun viewing party while I'll be watching it with my girls (who I must mention love to dance in their dress up clothes & shoes **super cute**), nursing a newborn and ignoring Dustin's eye rolls at how much I love this show. It will be a normal night at my house. I'll try to imagine I'm enjoying it with other grown ups who are vicariously living through a reality tv show.

Janay said...

You are hilarious! I can so relate to your story from dance classes starting at age 2 all the way through drill team! Can't wait to see you tonight. Did I mention there will be dance breaks? Be ready to move girls!!!

Janay said...
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fullheartandhands mama said...

Too funny. I'm watching the show as I type. I really like it too.

Ingram Gang said...

Okay so...I dvr'd the show. I've heard several people say it was entertaining. I like it BUT, who is the judge with the brown hair. Is she annoying or does she grow on you after a while. I kept thinking she was a joke, but nope...just how she is I guess. I'm a newcomer, so I'm a bit out of the dance loop!

KirkKrew said...

Raiderette Review? Did you go to Bell? I'm teaching there now, but I went to Trinity. Some might say I'm a traiter... :) I'm a big fan of SYTYCD too!

Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...

Kirkrew- No, I didn't go to Bell. My highschool was a small one in Southeast, TX.

Ingram Gang- Hang in there. Mary is annoying, but she will grow on you as the season progresses. I love the show itself, much more than all the try-outs. Wait it out. You will be very happy you did!