Tuesday, June 10, 2008


In an effort to reflect on more positive events from last week, you will be happy to know that the focus of this post will have nothing to do with outdoor (or indoor, for that matter) bathroom usages.

Let's pause for a moment to exhale a collective sigh of relief.

Instead, I wanted to share something that God is doing in my life. For the past several months, I have been feeling a tug on my heart to become more "hands on" in Chris' ministry. Before Park was born, I was very invested in high school students and active in working right alongside my husband. I led small groups and spent much of my free time helping Chris build into youth. At the time, Chris was a Campus Team pastor under Sarah's husband, Pace, who wast the Sr. High pastor. One of the largest high schools that Chris was responsible for, was the same one where I taught. We had very strong relationships with those students and their adult volunteers.

A few weeks before Park was born, Chris was promoted to become the Sr. High pastor after Pace became the Worship pastor for the main service.

It was an incredibly unexpected time of life change for our family. Having left my job as a high school English teacher to become a stay-at-home mom, I was busy adjusting to my new position. As Chris transitioned into fatherhood, he was also learning new roles of leadership and more responsibility in ministry. It was a very challenging, yet amazingly rewarding time in our lives. Although I still attended Wed. night youth services, most of my former roles were no longer possible with the demands of a young infant. And since that point, I did small things here and there, but I never truly regained the same level of investment.

I have prayed faithfully for Chris' ministry and counseled with him on decisions and direction for many years, but recently God begin to reveal a new level of involvement He had in mind for me. Speaking. Now, because I have seen firsthand the amount of time and preparation that preaching calls for, I found myself very hesitant to respond. Surely I had misunderstood God! Not only did I not have the time or availability for it, but I was certain I didn't have the talent either. In a nutshell, I was SCARED!

However, God taught me once again that you don't have to be confident or convinced to do what He asks, you simply have to be willing.

So, last week, I spoke at The Mix, our church's high school youth service. The entire experience grew me in more ways than I can convey. And I am quite certain that I will say the same thing each and every time I speak in the future. For many years now, God has taught me that He will never ask me to do something that He does not give me the strength, wisdom, and ability to do. Apart from him I am capable of nothing, but in my weakness, His strength is revealed. When I am used in my inability, His name is glorified.

And quite appropriately, this is the precise topic He had me teach on last Wed. night; allowing God to use us for His purpose. Tomorrow I will share more of that message and I pray that it helps give you the courage to do whatever it is that He is asking of you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your heart. Very encouraging!


raenette said...

That is so great. I think that we all get SCARED that we will fail with whatever G-d has called us to but we have so little faith that if he called us, he will make it happen. It has nothing to do with us but to glorify him. Isn't it just amazing that he chose us to use for his glory. It is so humbling. I questioned myself a few times this past week with what he has called me to do but in his gentle way he reminded me that HE CALLED ME even at an early age; I even posted something about it. I look forward to reading or even seeing the messages that he has given you. God is so good!