Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We've LOST It

I'm not certain this post will be clearly written considering that Chris and I have been staying up into the wee hours of the night. And although my precious hubby functions quite well on such little sleep, I lose coherency with anything less than 8 hours. It would seem we have a new addiction going on right now.


Now, I know we are late to join the millions of people who have been captivated for years, but we have never been trend setters when it comes to our television viewing. It would seem we are the skeptics, the ones who usually say, "Let's just ride this out before we investigate what all the hype is about." If the show continues to be well received, say three years down the road, then we may think about watching it.

It's all about longevity, folks.

Perhaps this would explain why we ended up watching DVDs of the entire four year run of 24 in just one summer. Our living room became Jack Bauer's home away from home. And I have to say he was the perfect house guest, being that he neither slept or ate one single time, yet still managed to provide an unprecedented level of security.

And although we are only in Season 1, I'd have to say that these LOST people are not quite as charming as old Jack. I'm hoping their stint in our living room does not last all summer, seeing as I'm not certain which one (if ANY) of them that I can trust. There are so many intricate dysfunctional relationships going on that I'm tempted to recommend a good Christian counselor who will make island visits.

And speaking of islands, after how much time Park and I have been spending at the pool, I'm starting to feel like we live on one. I sit on my little piece of land while he plays in the water all around me. Despite being slathered in sun-screen, we are so sun-exposed that we are having a similar experience to that of the folks on LOST. Minus the killer monster-like creatures and strange people trying to attack us while we reminisce on our lives before the plane crash.

Other than that, it is exactly the same.

All this to say, my brain is too fried to write the rest of yesterday's post at this moment. (Rest assured that the above material is not what I was hoping would inspire you to allow God to use you for His purpose.) I'll save that for tomorrow, instead.

Unless, of course, the monster-like creatures or strange people try to attack us before then. Every since Jack moved out, good security has been hard to find.


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Heather said...

My hubby and I spent a summer that way watching Alias. There's not too many shows that I would recommend watching over the course of a few weeks. Undeveloped story lines, cliche plots, and repetitious disguises suddenly become glaringly obvious when you forgo sleep for the sake of the show.

Becoming Me said...

I am so a LOST fanatic. Love it! So glad you found it. We'll have to "talk" some time.

Lori said...

We have done the same thing with 24 and we'll be watching season 6 this week!!