Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bloggity Sisterhood of "Techy" Inspiration

When fasting from blogging (writing or reading them) last week, I decided that I would use that time to go beyond my "allotted" quiet time. I wasn't exactly sure what that meant, especially since I didn't really think I spent all that much time on the computer. But, by simply forgoing my normal "techy" time, I was able to read first and second Samuel in their entirety.

Turns out, sister blogs A LOT.

Last week was a special time of renewal and refreshment that I enjoyed greatly. But, I also learned how much I have come to enjoy the world of blogging.

It is yet another tool God uses to minister me, reminding me that I am connected to a sisterhood of believers. It is a precious opportunity to be encouraged and uplifted by other woman facing the same struggles and challenges I do, despite seemingly different circumstances. It is a chance to be inspired by the hearts of perfect strangers, sharing in the lives of people I may have never had the opportunity to know "in the real world". It is a creative outlet that records a lasting legacy of memories that I cherish so deeply.

Can you tell I'm happy to be back?

Last week was also a time of making memories. Chris, Park and I spent a lot of time out at Allaso Ranch, finalizing last minute details before Sr. High camps start in the next few weeks. We are bursting with excitement at the anticipation of what God has planned for this summer. Well, in truth, Park is bursting with excitement to ride the horses, but since we did not have his cowboy hat with us he opted to wait until we return in July.

Note to self, add cowboy hat to the mile-long packing list for our three week stay at camp.

He did not, however, opt to wait to try out the swim center. Based on his love of his brief stint in the water there, I feel certain we will be spending much of our camp experience splashing around the water park. And judging from his eagerness to try out the "GIANT TWISTY SLIDE, MOMMY!", a life jacket would also be added to the packing list had a precious life guard not already reserved one with his name on it after observing his poolside manner.

While Chris finished up some work, Park and I headed 45 minutes from the ranch to Challi's house. The boys had such a fun visit that I wasn't certain we could pry them apart to leave. In fact, Park instructed me, "You can just leave me here. Cha-Cha will take good care of me."

Yes, but my question is would she live to tell about it? Just teasing, sweet boy. If there is anyone who can keep up with your fun loving spirit it is your high energy aunt. Thankfully, we will see a lot more of them this summer based on their close proximity to camp.

My high energy sister keeping up with the boys.
Park and Krew discussing the flamingos at the zoo

Now, I'm off to catch up on your lives. After a week away, I'm looking forward to returning to the bloggity sisterhood of "techy" inspiration.

No pressure or anything, right?


Kelly said...

So glad you are back:-)
Looking forward to hearing your tales from 3 weeks of camp- looks like an incredible place!

Ann said...

Good to have you back...I get so much out of reading my "friend's blogs" I really miss the time together. Can't wait to hear about camp!