Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Baby Yoga Wasted on a Jumping Bean

Our precious Park came into this world a firecracker. Everything he does is full speed ahead and anything he wants he wanted yesterday. He is intensely passionate, full of energy and loves every drop of life. Getting him to relax in the least can be a wee bit challenging.

A few weeks ago, I walked in on Chris trying to creatively teach our little jumping bean a new way to calm himself.

Daddy: Ok, Park. Relax...RELAX. Sit next to Daddy and follow me. Breath in, breath out.

Park: (Trying hard to follow, but panting too hard from being interrupted from running laps around living room)

Daddy: Breath in. Relax.....Breath out...

Park: (Begins to breath in and out, but doing so 100 mph)

Daddy: Slow, Slow, Daddy breaths slow.

Park: Fast, Daddy! FAST, FAST!!! Park "bweath" Fast!

Good try with the baby yoga, sweet husband, but I'm thinking Park might be missing the point of the exercise.


David Campbell said...

Tag...you're it! See my blog for details.

Sun said...

So precious. I have a girl - my oldest who was like that until she hit four and she began calming down - but she is intensely passionate about everything - if she is happy she is HAPPY - but the opposite is true too! How sweet they are - you all sound like such a fun family. I am still cackling about the "hypothetical sleep issues" post! Have a great night - Sunshine

Shelly said...

LOL!!! So sweet!

Amy said...

Hi. I've been over here from Sarah's blog ever since you started and I've been enjoying your posts (I guess I tend to be a lurker too!). Anyway, love your writing style and I thought this post was great because I just posted about my toddlers doing yoga!! Check it out if you get a chance. www.amyanecdotes.blogspot.com
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