Thursday, August 16, 2007

To Chi or Not to Chi, That is the Question

My hair and I have had issues for as far back as I can remember. It probably can be attributed to the horrible perm I got in the early 90's that has lasted for the past 17 years. I mean who perms naturally curly hair? And lets just say my hair holds a grudge in the worst way.

Things seemed to pick up for me during a brief stint in my my college days when the flat iron made an entrance on the scene. I cut my hair in this adorable bob and left the salon feeling like hot stuff. And that lasted for all of 20 seconds until College Station humidity attacked me with vengeance. And no amount of flat iron could erase the Liberty Bell, as I so fondly named that little 'do.

So, you can understand why I was skeptical of the Chi when my sister sang it's praises 5 years ago. She was so determined that the Chi would change my life that she drove two hours to let me try hers out and talked my mom into buying me one as a gift a few weeks later.

How did I EVER live without it, people?

I never dreamed it was possible for one piece of hot metal to revolutionize my beauty regimen so deeply. Goodbye to the poodle that lived on my head pre-Chi, and hello to the world of sleek, straight locks.

Now let me just stop right here and say that when I find something that works, I have been told that I can become a wee bit extreme. I like to call it loyal.

So, there was that brief overzealous honeymoon period where I Chi'd so often that I burned a huge hunk of hair off and had to have an emergency meeting with Kristi, my faithful hair stylist. However, after some chastising instructions and much product, she was able to get me back on track.

And the Chi continues to be a trusted friend and companion all these years later.

Unfortunately, though, after visiting the playground in 100 degree heat today, my hair reverted back to it's natural poodle-like state. I was making conversation with Park on the way home and told him that,"Mommy's hair is having a little trouble."

He looked deep into my eyes with a tenderness only a firstborn son could have and said three little words that melted my heart.

"Chi it, Mommy!"


Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Oh, wow, is that kid ever on target! He's going to make a wonderful husband to some woman with curly hair someday :)

And what am I bringing to your house tomorrow?

Lori said...

That's hilarious!!! Thanks for having us over. We had a lot of fun. Who's gonna win tonight?????

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Oh, you're an Aggie!

My hair is naturally wavy, which was great in the 80's with wings and all, but is not so great now. It got curlier with each of my 2 children, so now I just usually let it dry curly.

Jennifer, class of '92

~angie said...

I'm a Chi girl too Britt! I have to tell you though, while I was at the salon last week, my hair lady introduced me to the "croc" iron...yep, supposedly better now than the Chi. Of course, it retails for $200, but it sure did work gooood! I'll stick with my Chi though.

The Thurmonds said...

Hahahaha... atta boy!! (I'll tell Kristi she's famous) :o)

Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

Love it!

My girls can tell if it is going to be a good day by my hair... they already know that humidity is our enemy:-)

Gina said...

I found your blog through Liz's. I have really enjoyed it and you are just as funny as ever!! I thought I was going to die when I read the sleep issues!! HILARIOUS!!! And of course the Chi post made me laugh, I use it every day :) Your little Park is adorable, I have enjoyed the pictures. Maybe I can see you sometime when I come to Dallas :)

mer said...

I've often wondered what in the world I did before my CHI. I bought my first one 5 years ago, and only recently had to replace it. I think the price tag is totally worth it...I haven't had a bad hair day since I bought it!

Anonymous said...

You have convinced me. I have been eyeing and coveting that Chi for a whole year in Ulta and thinking $135 is just too much for a flatiron. If you promise it will tame my frizzy locks, I'm going to buy it on payday. Kathy

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

Oh Brittani, that is funny! I tell you, I'm convinced. I've told my husband that this is what I want, and he said "do it." I've even got a coupon for BB & Beyond. Mammas goin' shopping tomorrow!

Thank you!