Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kevin Bacon Should Blog

I had no idea what a small blogging world it is.

Have you ever heard of the 4 friends away from Kevin Bacon theory? It goes something like this:

In the entire world, we are all just 4 people away from knowing Kevin Bacon personally. Every person on this planet knows someone that knows someone that knows someone that knows someone that knows Kevin Bacon personally.

Now, I'm not exactly sure how this theory came about or why one would get super excited about knowing Mr. Bacon. However, can you imagine how much more interrelated things would get if Old Kev was a blogger?

On just about every blog I have read, I seem to have at least one real life connection to someone on the person's links or someone who comments on their posts. My bloggity worlds are colliding all over the place and I for one find it fascinating!

Example: While at the pool with my friend Keri, I was introduced to Sunni (from the Flying Mum), whose blog I read. Keri knows Sunni through her friend Lauren at (Them Chandlers), who I "know" through blogland, but it turns out I also know Lauren's close friend, Faith, who was my college roommate's best friend from high school.

Are you exhausted yet?

Without making your head spin with more examples, it will suffice to say that bloggity connections are being made every day and old friendships are bringing about new relationships.

And for that I am very thankful.

And, whoever it is out there that knows Kevin Bacon, please tell him hi from bloggville:)

*Feel free to leave me any small world bloggity stories you may have, as well:)


Carrie said...

I reconnected with an old friend a couple of months ago when I was leaving a comment on Boomama's blog. When I pushed publish, her comment was the one right before mine. I read it and thought....hey wait, I know her! We had both moved away from the city where we met and became friends but found out we were just 30 minutes away from each other now. Blogland is amazing!

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Haven't I told you I know Kevin Bacon? Seriously?

Okay. Just kidding. But Britt, you know everybody--I think it's just you. Remember the girl from The Bachelor, and of course Matthew M., and everybody else famous you already know? It's you, sister!

But I really did babysit for the band REO Speedwagon when I was 12. And my family is close friends with Billy Ray Cyrus' second cousin, Tom. How's that for fame? :)

And entirely unrelated, my boys spent an HOUR playing with your gift today. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Perfectly said!

Stacey said...

Hi! I'm afraid the closest I can come is Kevin Ba"ker" - my hubby. But, just want to say that yes this Bloggy world is just fascinating.

Best wishes on your path to meeting Mr. Ba"con".

Stacey (Kisses From the Father)

Them Chandlers said...

So crazy!! :) I'm trying to talk Faith into blogging...haven't succeeded yet!