Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Digging a Hole

I seem to be in a holding pattern when it comes to embarrassing myself this week. And as if the first time around wasn't horrifying enough, I've decided to re-live it here on my blog, for all the world to share.

Because I'm nothing if not a private person.

Friday night, a new neighbor called to see if he could come by the next day to borrow a couple of tools. My hubby and this man had befriended one another throughout the building of our homes. And although I've been around his sweet wife several times, I've only actually met Chris (the neighbor, not my husband) once.

That being said, Saturday rolled around and hubby snuck off to the pond in our neighborhood while Park was napping. The pond tends do be a special place for father/son bonding, so if Chris ever wants to fish without his little buddy, it is imperative that we keep it top secret.

Mainly because tantrums give me a headache.

Unfortunately, Park woke up from his nap earlier than expected and I had to break the news that Daddy wasn't home. But, just shy of throwing himself on the floor, the ringing of the phone caught Park's attention. It was Chris, letting me know he was on his way back.

I headed off to my bedroom to put away some laundry when I heard the doorbell ring. Knowing Chris didn't have his keys with him, I hollered for Park to unlock the front door so hubby could open it. (Seeing as we've completely child proofed the door from being opened from the inside after finding Park playing in the front yard when I thought he was napping a few months back. Praise the Lord for alarm systems)

I vaguely heard Park shout repeatedly, "It's unlocked! Mommy said you will open it." Shortly thereafter, I heard the door open and shut and I laughed that Park wouldn't even let Chris in the door before hounding him to play out front.

I finished putting away the laundry, made the bed, and tidied up our bathroom before heading off to stick my head out front to see what they were doing. But considering I was still wearing my pj's (at 3 PM I might add), I only cracked the door slightly. When I didn't hear a single sound, I wondered why Park wasn't talking Chris' ear off or squealing in delight like they usually do when playing together outside.

"PARK?.... CHRIS?" I called out.

"We're standing over by the fence," a male voice answered.


That was NOT my Chris' voice!

"Chris?!" I shrieked, paralyzed with fear.

"Um, yes?" The voice answered, timidly.

By this point I was frantically running to the side of the house with a shovel poised over my shoulder, aimed and ready to take out the imposter trying to pose as my husband and kidnap my son. Mama Bear wasn't playing around.

Upon flying around the corner, we came face to face.

Me and my new neighbor, CHRIS, that is! And I must say that sweet relief flooded through my body from head to toe.

Until I suddenly realized I was standing pajama clad in my front yard with a tiny gardening shovel positioned to whack my new neighbor, bless his heart, who just needed to borrow a few tools from the crazy lady that encourages her two-year-old to open the door to strangers.

Truly amazing how big of a hole that small shovel was able to dig for me.

To make matters worse, it was at this opportune moment that my sweet husband came strolling up the driveway, fishing pole in hand.

Well, what can I say besides welcome to the neighborhood, Chris and Elizabeth? Hopefully we'll get to be good enough friends that we can all laugh about this one day. (I'm pretty sure that is a strong possibility since both men named Chris already have.)

And along with hubby's nail gun and jigsaw, it goes without saying that we also have a shovel if y'all ever need to borrow it.


raenette said...

Oh, you so had a Mommy Moment! That is so great!

raenette said...
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Kelly said...

That is so funny! I don't think I would have done anything differently from you! Ya'll can laugh about this for years!

Kelly said...

That is hilarious! The most embarrassing things always seem to happen when I am least dressed for them:-)

Ingram Gang said...

Love this! Anything for the safety of our children. Your so great!

becky said...

Too funny - thanks for sharing!

Stacey said...

Oh my this is hilarious. I visualized it all playing out in my head and I totally understand...what mother wouldn't have done just the same thing?

Too cute.