Monday, February 25, 2008

Waiting Patiently

Several mornings ago, I found myself getting frustrated with Park's lack of patience.

It seemed every request he made of me was something he wanted to see happen yesterday. From demanding more blueberries in his Cheerios to hounding me to read "jus wunnn moooore" book before nap time, he was not happy that I wasn't fulfilling requests on the timetable he had set. Or the fact that I had even answered some of them with a firm NO.

Engaged in a power struggle, the morning drug on as I worked fervently to instill patient obedience in my son.

I have come to see a direct correlation between frustrations I experience with Park and lessons God is trying to teach me. Anytime I am dealing with eliminating a behavior of his that quite frankly, just drains my energy, I know it is confirmation that God is at work. So ironically, in my attempt to lead Park, it is actually MY patience that He is in the process of developing.

Currently, I am in a season of waiting. Waiting for God to bring many hopes and dreams that He has laid on my heart to fruition. They involve many different areas of my life and some of them are probably similar to things you have waited on before, as well.

Spending some much needed quiet time in His word, I realized something new. Reading a passage in Philippians that I have read many times before, I was suddenly hit with a 2 x 4 upside the head. Our Lord is so creative! I love when he uses a familiar verse to teach me a completely different lesson.

The text really did not speak to me about the actual wait as much as it challenged me to evaluate HOW I am waiting.

Often times I focus on the situation at hand instead of the God I serve. When I shift my perspective to God's attributes, studying and learning more about all aspects of His character, I am able to trust Him with my circumstances.

Recently, I heard Bishop T.D. Jakes preach and I'd have to say it was life changing. One of the best statements I walked away with was, "Why are we willing to put a period where God only placed a comma?'

I have to remember that God is not done with me yet. Just because he is not answering on my timetable does not mean that He does not have me covered. He is mighty enough to make any dream happen and strong enough to change the desires of my heart if need be.

Either way, I want to honor Him in the waiting. It is easy for me to praise Him for things He has already given me, but what about those things that have not come to fruition yet? I want to make the choice to rejoice, finding contentment in His provision for today.

Patience is not something I can come to exhibit by being given everything I want at the precise time I desire it. It is through the pursuit of those dreams that God gives me the character that will sustain me when those same dreams are fulfilled. Because often times, when He turns my longings into reality, it is the beginning of a journey that will ultimately require much endurance.

Endurance that I can only learn through patiently waiting. (Is it just me or does there seem to be a divine pattern here?)

So, it looks like we'll be practicing together, as I join Park on the quest for patient obedience. I'm so thankful that God is willing to be our faithful teacher.

And if we aren't quick learners for some reason, at least we'll be developing the endurance to repeat the lesson if need be.


KirkKrew said...

I just wanted to officially de-lurk! :) It was nice to meet you in person at church on Saturday. I enjoy reading your stories and definitely identify! Miss Karsyn has surely tested my patience.

Kelly said...

Love this - you are exactly right!

Nelly said...


I finally made a blog..I've been readng yours for a while so thought I'd finally comment!!

I'm SO JEALOUS I didn't get to see T.D Jakes..I was in town the weekend before so couldn't come back again!

Glad I'll get to keep in touch with you now!! :)