Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Directionless No More

Realizing my reluctance to put him in a big boy bed, Park apparently decided to take matters into his own hands.


And I’m not even referring to his attempt to strong arm me into the decision by scaling the four walls of his crib for well over 6 months now, either. Regardless of my appreciation of the craft he has developed for artfully getting in and out, this mommy still had every intention of holding firm on her initial decision to keep the baby bed in tact until closer to his third birthday.

Need I say that the stubborn gene runs rampant in our family?

A few mornings ago, Park greeted us bedside with a look of sheer excitement in his eyes. “I broke my bed, but that’s OK. Now I have a little bunk bed!” he exclaimed proudly.

Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I shoved lovingly urged Chris out of bed to investigate what all the commotion was about. Turns out, Park had managed to remove the front rail of his crib.

Which might not have been so alarming if his crib was actually made to convert.

Now I’m not 100% sure how it happened, so I’d hate to point any fingers. But, I do seem to remember a certain someone re-assembling the crib when we moved here from our previous home, without so much as a glance toward the directions.

And after the crib was once again standing, that person’s wife might have pointed out that she did not remember the rail being quite so wobbly, to which she was immediately reassured by her husband that he had the situation under control.

Knowing all too well that I was not going to be excited about the dangling crib rail that inadvertently squashed my dreams of keeping up the illusion that my big boy was still a baby, Chris tried to be as inconspicuous as possible when reporting the results of his inspection.

“Babe, where might one look to locate directions for something they purchased, um... say, 2 years prior, perhaps? “

Well, my love, I’m so glad you asked.

I've established a binder where I house ALL directions to any items purchased that we may possibly need to refer to in the future. It is wonderful to be able to pull it out to find just about anything I wouldn’t ordinarily know how to locate. Ours is nothing fancy and is not overly organized, but it makes for an easy way to stay ahead of the “Where in the world did I put that?” game.

Unfortunately, I created that valuable little wealth of knowledge AFTER we purchased the crib. (Sure am glad I didn't point any fingers earlier, seeing as it is might be a tad bit difficult to consult directions that we no longer own, and all.)

Looks like our big boy will be sleeping in his "little bunk bed" indefinitely. Or at least until I have the heart to move him to his real bunk beds. Perhaps I'll wait until it is closer to his third birthday.


Minkydo said...

lol... He looks so sweet sleeping in his bunk bed :)

Deidre said...

This post scares me to death :) I hope my 2 year old can't figure this out because she is dying to do so. I so need to put her in a bigger bed, but won't for selfish reasons. I'm not looking forward to not having a crib in my home, so I keep her in it (sad, I know). I guess I need to remove the front rail, too. I don't really know how, so maybe Park could come show us ;)

K in the Mirror said...

I absolutely love Park's bedding. It's gorgeous.

Kelly said...

I am a big fan of the crib, too, and hated to see it go.

Gotta say yours actually looks cute, even minus the front rail- and I love the bedding and his name on the wall. The sleeping baby with the binky, though, is the cutest thing about that bed / crib:-)

Pamelotta said...

Looks like everything worked out well in the end. By the time my fourth child was 16 months old, she was following in the footsteps of her siblings and scaling the rails nightly. I just sucked it up and put her in a toddler bed early. It was hard at first, but we're all used to it now.

Great idea on the book for manuals and stuff. I have one but I've gotten lazy about filling it.

TCC said...

I remember when my little guy was in this phase. We moved to the big boy bed after 3. :)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Hey, look! Park created a toddler bed, which is clearly the perfect transition between a crib and a big-boy bed. He's trying to help you!

fullheartandhands mama said...

Nice reminder. I have these things in several different places throughout the house. I might just be motivated enough to put them all together. Thanks!

Tarrah said...

He looks so cozy! I can not believe he was able to do that though. How did he do sleeping with freedom?

jennyhope said...

i just found your blog and the little guys bed is so cute! I cracked up at your pooped in the potty comment. We are trying real hard with all of that at my house! YAY