Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck...

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

...If a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood?

Park loves trying to repeat that silly riddle and it makes me laugh just hearing his attempts. I especially like that each time after we do it, he finishes by saying, "Me and my Daddy chuck wood togever."

And, apparently if his Daddy is the aformentioned woodchuck, the answer to that question is...TONS!

For relaxation purposes some folks like to read or catch up on their favorite episodes of must see television. Others like to take long bubble baths while basking in candlelight and soft music.

And then there is hubby.

Nothing relaxes him more than the screeching sound of power tools. When he wants to unwind, he retreats to the workbench that he created in our garage. Sometimes disappearing for hours on end in the company of his sidekick apprentice (AKA Park), they eventually both resurface while sporting some type of new woodworking creation.

Now I have to admit that I feel like a bit of a cheater, linking this post to Tackle it Tuesday. After all, the only thing I seem to have accomplished is having good taste in husband selection. And technically even that was God's deal and not mine. But, since Chris doesn't have a blog of his own (which is a good thing considering how much he struggles just to read mine), I feel the need to give him some props for all the things he created this last week.

First up is a matching bench for our kitchen table:

Next, is a piece for our living room. He already made a simlar built-in bookshelf for a nook in this room previously (see below), so this is a different take on the same idea:
While we are in the kitchen, I'll throw in a pic of the under cabinet lighting that he installed last week. Keep in mind it was nearly impossible to get a clear shot of it. And last (but not least) is a magazine rack built in to the master bath wall.
Now, even though the rest of these projects were not constructed this week, I still wanted to share picures of some of my favorite things he has previously created. I mean since I'm already outside the boundaries of Tackle It Tuesday and all, I might as well just make up my own rules, too, right?

Here is the previously mentioned living room bookshelf:

Storage for the playroom:
An end table:
Storage for Park's current room:

If you're a single gal reading this blog, may I suggest to you that God can bring a HANDY hot Christian man into your life just as easily as he can bring a tool challenged one? Keeping in mind that God tells us to pray specifically, and all.

I think I just heard an AMEN from all the married woman out there who forgot to petition for that seemingly minor detail.

And if that's not enough to inspire you to go out and build something, or at the very least force your husband to do so, I should also mention that he is currently in the middle of some ongoing projects, as well. They include building bunk beds and a desk/cubby storage for Park's future big boy room, rebuilding a swing set, creating more storage in the garage, built-in surround sound speakers throughout the house, custom storage design system for the master closets and staining our fence.

It makes me tired just thinking about it.

As for me, I'm heading off for a relaxing bubble bath. I've come to accept that my soft music will inevitably be drowned out by the various sounds of power tools that are being operated by my little woodchucks.

Who knows, though? Gaining momentum from all the productivity seeping from my better half, I may even get crazy and clean the tub before soaking.


Amy said...

Wow! Just, wow!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

If he ever gets done at your house, Brittani, send him over. I have a feeling you could make a lot of money by leasing out The Handy Husband.

(My husband likes to de-stress with tools too -- only his favorite activity is to split wood. And since we moved to a townhouse with a gas fireplace this year while we wait for our "real" house to sell, he's a man without a hobby for the time being. Poor, pitiful guy.)

raenette said...

Sounds like you married a very creative man as did I. Who would have thought? US? Seems like Chris has built most of the furniture in your home like Lance has ours. Isn't it awesome!! I'll post some things that Lance has built on my page later!

Lynne said...

He does absolutely beautiful work with wood!

mamajessica said...

What wonderful craftsmanship! I am a bit jealous.
We are currently remodeling our home and I absolutely love your flooring and wood stain choices...do tell us what it is or I'll be forced to take my laptop to the store and bring up this post to show the clerk so we get it right. lol!

The Flying Monkeys said...

very nice!

Nice Tackling! Come on over and Check out my post Superbowl TACKLE!

Kelly said...

OH WOW - he is SO talented - all of that furniture looks awesome! You are a lucky girl!

Lori said...

Dustin wants so bad to be able to do all of these things, but doesn't own all the necessary tools. And has had no training on where to even start. We need bookshelves so bad and he wants to build them, but that requires purchasing tools. I'll have to show him these pics, I'm sure he'll love them.

corrin said...

god obviously wanted me to hire a cute handyman, because my husband can't build a darn thing!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

It all looks so good! Y'all need to come over to our house and tell us what we need to decorate and how!

David Campbell said...

One "Storage for Park's current Room" please:) That would look just perfect in our current play room. I promise to give Chris all the credit and post about it! Who knows, this could be a very profitable side job!!
LOVED yesterday! A must for future pretty days!!

David Campbell said...

PS, I would like to give a huge Shout Out to boy and girl Cabbage Patch atop aforementioned storage shelf. Emma is thankful for those when she visits:)

Love You!

Heather said...

What a great post! You are a lucky woman, indeed. ;o) My husband is handy about fixing almost anything mechanical or electrical, and he's a whiz with a welder, so he's made me things like a heart-shaped plant hanger for my garden, so I shouldn't whine. But oh, how I wish he enjoyed woodworking! lol

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the new pieces next month. Well, I am more anxious to see ya'll and Park. The pieces look great. Love, Mom

fullheartandhands mama said...

Wow. Those pieces are great. Lucky you! I forgot to mention that petition, good advice. :)

Breathing His Joy said...

I am so very inspired to.... have my husband go and make something. :) Got to love those handy hubbies!

Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...

Sorry it took me a little bit to get the names of our flooring and stain color. Seeing as I am clueless on the matter, I had to get with hubby and he said he our floors are called "Mexican Rose" by Mowhawk, and the stain for the furniture is Minwax's "English Chestnut". Hope this helps and good louck with your remodels.

Kellyanne said...

My hubby has been talking about building bookshelves for our office this summer (he is a teacher and will have LOTS of time). What kind of wood does Chris use for his projects...my man thinks he can use particle board, paint it, and it will look fine. (I am not so sure) Any words of wisdom will definately help save time, money, and my sanity!!

Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...
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Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...

Chris said he uses 4x8 Birch plywood sheets that come in 1/2 inch or 3/4 and can be purchased at Home Depot.

His advice to your hubby is to use this v/s particle board to get the wood grain finish. His money saving tip is to use MDF on the interior shelves. If you want to leave me your email, he said he can send your man a step by step building plan. Hope this helps!

kellyanne said...

OHMIGOSH! Y'all are awesome! Our email is knkwooley(at)aol(dot)com. Thanks so much! Now, if Chris wants to come help.... ;-)